Tuesday, January 03, 2006


my friend Eric, of

did a recoloring of my Christmas photo

Tallahassee, Florida, the main downtown park, at late dusk. Christmas decorations. note that the "blur" at the upper right, is not a blur, this is "Spanish Moss", an airplant, common to this area, a Bromilard plant.

He wrote
-----Freestone --

As I experimented with making different changes to
your picture of
the tree lights picture the better your original
looked! This
variation is only a little different -- straightened,
sharpened, and
the color shifted from red tinted to blue-green tinted
(or no longer
red tinted). It's not any better, just slightly
different. The
composition, exposure, and sharpness (pleasantly soft
appropriate to dusk) in your original are excellent. I
also tried
other more extreme changes, like bluer or redder light
or slight
paint effects, but your original picture kept looking
better by

The reason I messed with the light color a little is
that some people
think that incandescent lights add more of a reddish
cast to pictures
that we did't see in the actual scene. So removing the
red (or adding
blue or blue-green) can make the photo look more like
the scene did
to our eyes. However, many people don't notice such
subtle color
casts and don't have much color memory. Usually I
don't mess with
photo colors (except with night shots) because with
all the
uncertainties of different monitor settings it's
probably a wasted
effort. Our flickr picture colors can look quite
different on
different monitors, as I've discovered at Strozier and
probably found at the public library. My few pictures
that I worked
on to supposedly perfect the colors probably look
better only to me
on my iMac, except maybe for "Ghosts."-------

Now the two can be compared.

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