Friday, January 20, 2006

fraternity mural

fraternity mural, originally uploaded by freestone.

fraternity mural
A FSU University business fraturnity
mural, painted by the menbers, in front of their chapter House, the House is hidden behind the bush, up the hill. Each "coal" has a name on it, a member of this fraternity. on the other site of the steps at the right of the photo, the wall continues. there is a row of diamonds there, with also the names of the members on them, in duplicate from this panel shown.

"diamonds in the rough"

---the name of the mural, seen where the coal miner is digging.
Moral: the members who just joined are Diamonds in the rough, freshmen business majors and they are just "coal", which is carbon, like diamonds. Then after the "pressure" of years of college, years of fraternity life, each will be "refined" into a beautiful Diamond!

Uploaded by freestone on 20 Jan '06, 8.44am EST.