Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas day 2006

Xmas day 2006, originally uploaded by freestone.

Xmas day 2006
the view from my 5th floor window around noon, on Christmas day
of 2006. After over four inches of rain the sun comes out, maybe 70 degrees, and I took this photo looking North, from my 5th floor apartment at Georgia belle.

Here it is the 25th of December and the subtropical light is still brillant and penetrating, here at 30 degrees North, and the trees are mostly evergreen, here, consisting of evergreen oak trees like of the Live Oak.

I find the lumenious light to be, to me, a bit of the "Promise"
of the Coming of Jesus on Christmas day, the promise too, that He will come again, the mysteries of the Lumenious light on Christmas day. The lush plants glow with the light, the sky has also a "glow" to it, the Savior Is Born, and the spirit of Christmas Lives.

I am reminded, by this light, that there is a "Christmas Spirit", and this "spirit"
is far far more than of the giving of material goods as gifts.

Oh how it is, the sky glows with a light that seems to remind one thatat one Time and at one Place, a child was born, just like children are always born, a child like just like all other children, but with a Difference, an Incarnation of not just an ordinary soul, but of the Christ-soul! Or maybe.If you belive that.If you do not belive this, and happen to look out of a window about this time of day, here in Tallahassee, on this Christmas day, perhaps you might be reminded that this day is the day of Gifts and the mystery of what Christmas is, according to the Collective Idea of mankind, as if Mother Nature herself is influenced by the collective soul of all of mankind.Life can be Good, the Gift of a warm sunny day after 6 inches of rain.Please accept that Gift, at least: that life can be good.freestoneTallahassee, Florida, usa

May it live in you, in your own way, for the year and for the years to come, and for every day of the calander!

Tallahassee, Florida, usa

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Friday, December 22, 2006

the Somber carlot!

the Somber carlot!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Somber carlot!
oh how somber and "gothic" this looks; just an empty lot near the downtown, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
Those pecan trees are now leafless and only the spanish moss drapes from the limbs, this Spanish Moss is alive! An airplant, it is, not a parasite, and it lives and breathes, hanging from a lot of trees here.

I could name this image...."the Release area from the asylum, in Hades"! Only the very very green-looking grass makes this photo look unlike a "black and white" graveyard scene!
Taken about half an hour before sunset.
Actually a lot of "green" for a place in the northern hemisphere for December 22nd!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

early sunday morning

early sunday morning, originally uploaded by freestone.

early sunday morning
real early on a Sunday morning. here is a residential street in tallahassee, florida, usa, a street where I can feel the sleepy southern life after all of the students stayed out all night and now sleep in.
*This* is the kind of morning that a group of river boaters or cave explorers should wake up to! A perfect start of a nature exoloring day.

I use to, when I was a student at the nearby university, Florida State University, in the 1960s, I used to get up real early, on saturday mornings, to assemble near the student union to go cave exploring. the Seminole Spelunking club had a number of members.
Oh it was so mysterious to drive out of the city on a morning similar to this, off to the nearby caves, who knows what we all might find today!
As the years went by, I would takes drives out from tallahassee, to spend a day at a small southern town, more explorings.
Now...I am carless retired, and now on the Sunday and saturday morning, I take a "Prayer Walk" out to a coffee shop, my best meditations and prayers are when everyone is still in bed and the traffic is light. this walk is of such a trip to the coffee shop, Borders.

There is something about the Light, at this latitiude, that even at the end of November, when this photo was taken, the sun, even at the early hour, creates very very vivid shadows, i have read of these shadows being described as "hallucinagenic"!

Probably dirves the camera sensors crazy tring to obtain a proper exposure!

Bathed in Light, everything stands out in etched shapes, and dreamlike darknesses. I can see why painters write that the south of France has light that overpowers most painters, and the latitude is 42 North! Tallahassee is 30 North.
no soft English light here!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

the pines

the pines, originally uploaded by freestone.

the pines
a pine grove. Here is about two acres of pines on a farmers land, only the farmer has this section, now, as his only crop, as he sold the rest of his land to at least three shopping malls and then he
and/or his son is the president of the leading locally owned bank in town!
What you get for owning land on the edge of a small town of 3,000
people in 1910 and then watch this city grow to 300,000!

Tallahassee, florida, usa

These pines about ten years old, Shortleaf pine.
They consider pine trees a farm crop here, I had heard, at my 1963 forest ranger school that a pine tree grows here in 7 years as much as a pine tree grows in Michigan in 21 years!

The late afternoon shadows cast, you can see the city with its four story office buildings off in the distance.

the sound of the "souwing" wind, through these pines , is so soft and mysterious.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

the big Cone

the big Cone, originally uploaded by freestone.

the big Cone
a huge pine cone resting on a cut oak stump. This pinecone must be over six inches tall, and this is the "shortleaf" pine. The "longleaf" pine has needles that are about 10 inches long, the shortleaf has needles about six inches long.
Both pines are a feature of this area of the subtropics; one wonders why pine trees grow so good in the subtropics?
100 days a year, here, of 90 degree days per year, 30 days a year of 95 or higher!
Has to do with the pine tree having a taproot, a root that goes down to the water table that could be 20 feet below the surface, the soil tends to be sandy. In fact on the sandhills south of the city, there are Prickly Pear cactus plants, even at the 60 inches of rain per year: the rain just sifts down quickly, thus pine trees are at an advantage!

Tallahassee, florida, usa.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

railroad through the Jungle

railroad through the Jungle, originally uploaded by freestone.

railroad through the Jungle
the railroad, a legendary railroad, through the jungle.
I am standing on a street bridge about four blocks from the downtown heart of the city of tallahassee, florida, usa. I look southwestwards, this line runs from Los Angeles through New orleans and on to jacksonville.
When and if the tracks will be fixed, from katrina hurricane, the amtrak passengars will again be able to see the jungles.
"jungles" indeed, you are looking at about the time of early december.
While there are banks on each side of the tracks, the thick bush hides the houses on each side of the track very very well.
There are vines, maybe 20 species of vines, from "air potato" to catbriar, to morning glory to fernvine...on and on. You can see the vines dangle from nearly every bush and tree.

Sometimes i see people riding in the boxcars too, from this bridge, and from the street nearby.

Just outside of the city limits, the jungle goes on for miles and miles, one can only peer about 20 feet into the woods, reminds me of a nature outing years a go where it took me nearly an hour to walk
through about 300 feet of jungle!

they use machetes as Tools, here!

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

a canopy road

a canopy road, originally uploaded by freestone.

a canopy road
a tunnel of green, the road goes through a tunnel of a subropical rain forest patch of trees.
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Here in tallahassee there are many roads that have this canopy effect, like of driving through a tunnel of green. Plants grow so fast here. many of the plants are vines, each tree seems to have vines on top of vines, I have seen trees with five to seven species of vines growing up their trunks!
[note the swirl of vines on the tree at the upper right!]
The Florida bright light, even in December, tends to overwhelm the camera a bit, i can see now why some artist wrote about how it was difficult for most artists to paint near the mediterrian sea, as the light was so bright! Southern france, where he wrote this, is about 42 degrees latitude North, and tallahassee is 30 North!
The shadows on the road almost seem "psychedelic" in their intensity.

Canopy roads are becoming an endangered species, here in the city limits as the roads and streets get ever the more four lane and lined with shops. But most people who visit this city travel on these main line roads and they miss the hundreds, yea thousands, of these small canopy covered streets. Tens to be a "vanishing beauty" to quote a groupname, as often these streets get developed.

This road is a street about a mile from the city center. In fact, on the left behind the trees is the Florida lottery headquarters, and on the right, are two houses hidden behind the folage! This little quiet steet is about four blocks from the mall and hundreds of stores!

At about 10 am, near the end of november, the temperature must have been over 60 degrees, later in the day the temp rose to about 72. Note how green everything is, near the end of November!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

the well dressed palm tree

the well dressed palm tree, originally uploaded by freestone.

the well dressed palm tree
a oil palm with an unknown ferm that lives on the palm tree "bark".
There are many many palms here in tallahassee, florida, usa that are "dressed' this way. The fern leaves are all of one plant, like of a vine, the roots live off of the humus and the moisture deep in the cracks of the trunk.

Needs a lot of rain for this to happen, but tallahassee has over 60 inches a year.

The street is on one of the "Lawyer rows", park Ave, where law offices and new age healers share the street.

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links to Flickr and photo sites

links to Flickr and photo sites, originally uploaded by freestone.

links to Flickr and photo sites
I had trouble bookmarking my most interesting Flickr Links, so I made this "photo" to place in a Set of its own, so that I could refer to these links, myself; I have now enough that someone else *might* be interested in seeing them too, so here they are, a constant Work-In-Progress, as I add more all of the time. Some "regulars" might not know of all of these!

Links I have found, for Flickr stuff, for weblogs, for photos and other interesting URL internet things.
I cannot bookmark, in a public library computer, so I will do some of that, here!

a quiet clearing

a quiet clearing, originally uploaded by freestone.

a quiet clearing
An open air clearing, made so to place a holding pond. The "white"
object is the spillway, so far there is no water in the pond as it was just finished last week. Grass was laid out; almost looks as if this place has been here for years. The "line" at the rear is a railroad track, before Katrina hurrcane tore up 150 miles of track, passengar
trains would pass here.
This spot almost feels "holy", tis very calm and peaceful here.

This is what the end of november looks like, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
Yes, I felt a great peace here, as if this last-week finished city project has been here for years. They may gate this off so that no one
can walk in unless they follow the rails. A lovely something that the rail passengars can see, as they travel through this subtropical rainforest, 63 inches of rain per year and 100 days of 90 degrees per year temperature.

note the bamboo in the rear and the kudzu vine on the left.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

a quiet Tallahassee street

a quiet Tallahassee street, originally uploaded by freestone.

a quiet Tallahassee street
Thanksgiving week quiet. no one on the road.

Here is a street about four blocks from downtown, see how many plants there are.
About five blocks from where I live.
Maybe 60 degrees, on the way up to about 70 degrees, on the 23rd of November. Where I originally came from, Interlaken, new york, I have often seen white thanksgivings!

I give thanks that I live here in this city.

Whil I will live in Heaven some day, for now this place is heaven-on-earth, a good place to live until I get to go to there!

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Gainesville Mural

Gainesville Mural, originally uploaded by freestone.

Gainesville Mural
a Mural from memory, as they had painted it over.
Gainesville Florida, about 1989 to 1993.

This mural was on the wall of a bycycle shop, on a main intersection of the city, probably the most important intersection in this city.
Note that the helmet of the rider looked *exactly* like the space-photo of the earth as seen on the cover of the Whole Earth catalogue, at the 1986, or so, time.
One might infer that, in this very envirnmentalist aware city, the Mural painter might have painted this helmet on purpose to appear as the 'earth' , as he might be commenting upon the condition of the planet; the pained face of this rider looks "pensive", in the painted
I was very struck by how there were 9 bike parts, 9 clouds, 9 wind
"indicators" of motion, in the mural!

The letters "JC" are *not* that of the painter!
Jim Evangelista was the painter, he also did the mural about the manatees and the county courthouse, on the same street that interesects with this mural-street.

There were shadows in the hill to the left, and the shadows looked
about just what I placed: looked like letters and if I turned them all about "upright" and read them left to right like of a book....
the word "KALKI" appears!

*Now* the "9" items becomes clear: the 9 avatars of India fame.
the 8th avatar, Krisna, has a brother who also is an Incarnation of Vishnu, like of Krisna, thus the 8th shadow is doubled. the 9th
avatar is not Buddha, it is Jesus, as apparent in the "JC"!

"77" ?!

sooomething seems to infer, to me, that the painter uncounsciously
painted this Mural to show the history of mankind, and that
as the Rider is now about to "touch" the hill, the hill of the pure spiirt from where the avatars incarnated from, the Time of the tenth avatar,
Kalki, is immenant!
the path goes to pure spirit, as this path of humanity intersects with
the spirit world! End of the Age, 2012 Looms, all of us go to Heaven and/or hell, the Final Judgement, and all of that!

I can see why this mural was painted over!

I wonder if the "77" infers the length of time until the End Times?!

But then again, this idea of the prediction of the time of the End Times, is only an interpetation.

---does not help my peace of mind that his last mural in the series was the brown brown courthouse: all of the colors were of shades of brown, and brown symbolizes "the earth".

"Final Judgement", anyone?!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

getting ready for Xmas

getting ready for Xmas, originally uploaded by freestone.

getting ready for Xmas
Tis the time of year, even before Thanksgiving, to get the Tallahassee
downtown park ready for the Christmas lights. They will have, about the 5th of December, a great festival here, maybe 50,000 people and a parade. That a lot of effor to string and to test the ligths beforehand.
Actually, they leave them up year-round unlit!
---must be goood electrics to be able to survive a year in the subtropics outdoors!

Tallahassee, florida, usa

Live Oak trees and Spanish Moss with lights. I toned down the "red" just a bit, at first I thought that the redness was an artifact from my new canon powershot a610 not liking the near-sunset timing, but then again both the sidewalks and the street are paved with "faux"
red bricking; they have dyed asphault nowadays, then they lay a hot wire-grid over this paving to simulate the bricks!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the water man

the water man, originally uploaded by freestone.

the water man
a resident at Georgia belle apartments for independant living, watering the small garden. he does this about once per week, if dry. many seniors "volunteer" for activities, like of helping with the meals and the activities.

"Solomon" is his name.

The Old School southern georgia way to live, strickly 1930.
Then a 3rd grade education was much much more than enough: what counted for all was how much you loved and were loved by!

Tallahassee, florida, usa.

I have learned some things about this senior guy, over the last year from when I took this picture.
He must be about 80. he was a mechanic all of his life, probably never finished high school. Probably the only book that he reads is his Bible. he sleeps only three hours a night and probably never ever has had a dream as he has slept only three hours all of his life. He gets up at 5 am every morning. He volunteers a LOT!
Drives people to places. waters the garden every morning or afternoon as needed, plus many many other choes he does.
he is not a man of "words", he speaks little, his way is of "doing"
things. he is very religious, very moral, very caring.
He has no views of "politics" or philosphy or of anything profound.
The other day he told me that he often sits alone as many many of the groups of people talk in gossup about others in a "negative way", and not for him, please.

He might be one of the most spiritual people in this georgia belle residence!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The Storm that totaled the Seminoles football game!

The Storm that totaled the Seminoles football game!

The day that the FSU Seminoles football team met its match and "died" big time!

Here in Tallahassee, Florida, usa, Football is King, like of everywheres in the South.

On the road with Red Man, cigars and Bobby

The game started about 8 PM, here I was standing near my tallahassee residence, I was, here, looking to the west, about 6 PM. Been a very pretty day, but I could see the thunderhead at the horizen, a fast moving front comes.
They tell me that just before the game this squall hit, the 60,000+
fans got hit with 30 mph winds and a half-inch-plus of rain then the wind blew for hours all during the game at 20 to 30 mph, turning colder by the minute till about half game time the temperatute must have been all of 45 degrees, and drizzle and light rain for hours after the 8 PM start!!
No one brought their raincoats or umbrellas, of course; the day being *so* nice and sunny and 80 degrees!

"stand up and cheer", surely, the cheerleaders cried, as the rain poured in buckets.
Someone told me that half the people had left by the middle of the game, cold and wet!


Deacons Shut Out Seminoles, 30-0, In Tallahassee
Wake Forest beats FSU for first time in 33 years, improves to 9-1 for first time in school history.

Nov. 11, 2006
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Wake Forest made history and picked up a few more believers in the process.

Kevin Patterson scored on a 48-yard interception return and the 18th-ranked Demon Deacons beat Florida State 30-0 Saturday night to become the first team to shut out the Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium in Bobby Bowden's 31 seasons as coach.

"Week in and week out, no matter what our record is, nobody believes we're going to win," Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner said. "We have to prove ourselves."

The resurgent Demon Deacons (5-1, Atlantic Coast Conference) improved to 9-1 for the first time in school history with their first win over Florida State in 33 years. Wake Forest last won in Tallahassee in 1959.
The struggling Seminoles (5-5, 3-5), meanwhile, hit a new low. Florida State hadn't been shut out in 232 games, dating back to the 1988 opener at Miami. It was also Florida State's worst loss at home since a 58-14 loss to Southern Mississippi in 1981, the last year they didn't go to a bowl.

"It was a complete team breakdown," the 77-year-old Bowden said afterward. "Just inept."

Things started poorly for the Seminoles and then got worse.
"It's the worst football game I've ever been a part of," Weatherford said. "I don't think anyone thought we could play this bad."


---excerpted from the
FSU Seminoles sports program pages.

Bobby Bowden

Head Coach

American culture seems obsessed at times with crowning the best and greatest. One could certainly make that observation of sports fans. Countdown shows have whittled away at great people and events to arrive at THE greatest ever. Boxers and tight ends have even declared themselves the greatest. And by just about any measure available, Bobby Bowden, who will lead the Seminoles for the 30th time in 2005, has put up the numbers suggesting he should be called the greatest college football coach in history.

The statistics are startling. Bowden became the all-time winningest coach in major college history in 2003 and currently has 351 career wins. He is the winningest bowl coach by percentage and is just one shy of tying for the most bowl wins ever by a college coach. He is the only coach to lead his team to 14 straight seasons that ended with a ranking among the Associated Press Top five. He's coached two national championship teams including the 1999 squad that was the first ever to go through a season from start to finish as the AP No. 1. So overwhelming has Bowden's influence been on college football and, in particular, at Florida State, that the field at Doak Campbell Stadium was named for him last season and a national award given by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes now bears his name.

Bowden's interest in the sport of football began while watching his neighborhood high school team practice just on the other side of his backyard fence in Birmingham, Alabama. His love and talent for the game grew from playing with friends on the same fields everyday and later practicing with high school teammates. His knowledge of the game grew as a quarterback at Samford and from watching and listening to the legendary Bear Bryant. His skill and creativity were honed on the coaching staffs at South Georgia College, FSU and West Virginia. But it has been his combination of leadership, vision, talent and magnetic personality that have flourished over 30 years at Florida State, raising the program from perhaps its lowest point to the national powerhouse it is today.

Bowden's latest addition to his long list of accomplishments came in last year's Gator Bowl. The win over West Virginia, ironically, gave Bowden a 19-8-1 record in bowl games allowing him to retake his position as college football's most successful bowl coach in terms of winning percentage. He trails the overall record of 20 career bowl wins held by Penn State's Joe Paterno by just one. FSU's Gator Bowl trip marked the 23rd straight season that the Seminoles reached a bowl game, and was the 14th consecutive "New Year's Day" bowl. Bowden is the only coach in NCAA history to win 11 consecutive bowl games (1985-95) and the only coach ever with 14 consecutive bowl appearances (1982-95) without a loss (FSU tied Georgia 17-17 in the 1984 Citrus Bowl).

Bowden's remarkable career numbers are even more impressive considering the fact that he took over an FSU program in 1976 that had won just four games over the previous three seasons. He has remained at FSU despite offers from NFL teams and several other prestigious college football programs. Bowden's loyalty has meant the world to Florida State University and its athletics program. Part of that was recognized by the school this past season with the dedication of a statue of his likeness that sits in front of the Moore Athletic Center and with the official proclamation of Bobby Bowden Field at Doak S. Campbell Stadium.

Bowden's record at Florida State is 278-70-4. The totals include a 144-22-2 record in Tallahassee, 31-8-1 record at neutral sites and 103-40-1 on an opponent's field. He has built those numbers against some of the nation's toughest schedules, earning respect for his team, attracting top players to his program and establishing his reputation as a competitor in the process.

Bowden achieved impressive numbers in his previous coaching stops, including a 31-6 record at his alma mater Samford University between 1959 and 1962, and a 42-26 mark at West Virginia from 1970-75. But what he has done at FSU is simply phenomenal. Eighteen times in 29 years, his Seminoles have won 10 or more games in a season. Florida State had been to just eight bowls in the 29 years before him. The 2005 Gator Bowl marked the Seminole's 26th since his arrival and was the 19th "New Year's Day" trip. He is, by far, the winningest coach ever at Florida State as his win total is greater than the previous seven Seminole head coaches combined.

Florida State is the only school to finish among the (Associated Press) Top Five for 14 consecutive seasons. The Seminoles finished first twice (1993, 1999), second twice (1987, 92), third, four times (1988, 89, 97, 99), fourth, five times (1990, 91, 94, 95, 96) and fifth in 2000. No team in college football history can match the run.

Over the past 13 years, Florida State has played in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Since joining the league, FSU is 102-10 and has claimed 11 ACC championships and set the league record for consecutive victories. Bowden picked up ACC Coach of the Year titles in 1993 and 1997.

Part of the reason for Bowden's success in his long run at FSU is that the elements of the job that seem to turn into chores over the years for most coaches: recruiting, speaking engagements, public functions, and press responsibilities, come easily for Bowden.

"I feel great physically," said Bowden who will turn 76 in November. "I've always been a people person. I enjoy getting to know people, so the recruiting is still a lot of fun for me. I like going into a player's home and meeting his parents and family. I don't have any desire to slow down on all the elements outside of the actual game that some people find hard. I understand why it grinds away at some people, but it just doesn't on me. I guess I've always been able to put football in its place."

He has developed the most consistently successful program in the history of college football. FSU won more games in the decade of the 1990s than any other program. The win over Wake Forest on October 25, 2003 allowed him to become the all-time winningest major college coach.

"To be honest, it doesn't really feel like I should be there," said Bowden at the time of the feat. "It's not something that I sat down 40 years ago and said `you know if I coached long enough and was successful maybe I could get there.' That type of thought never entered my mind. I don't really think about it. Maybe when I'm done I'll look back on everything."

While Bowden has not spent much time looking back, most of the nation has spent time looking in at his program's extraordinary success. Just imagine a college basketball program advancing to the Final Four for 14 years in a row. Even more startling is the thought of playing in the national title game five times in eight seasons. FSU set an NCAA record with 14 straight Top Five finishes and the 2001 Orange Bowl was the Tribe's third straight national title game and fifth in eight years.

Like few other coaches before him, Bowden has created unreal expectations for his program. He has coached his Florida State teams so very close to perfection that for some, anything short of another national championship is a down year. The last time FSU did not finish the season ranked was following a 7-4-1 record in 1986. Over the 18 seasons since, Florida State has won 196 games and lost just 37 with one tie.

In the fickle world of "big-time" college sports some forget what it is all about. Sure, Bobby Bowden is proud of his two national championships, his place among the all-time greats, and a football program that is the model for the entire country. But he has always pointed to the fact that there are more important things in life. He makes time for charity and to give to his church. He has never passed an admiring child without a wink and a smile. He greets total strangers. He listens and he cares.

What Bobby Bowden means to Florida State University off the playing field cannot be measured. Respect, sincerity, class, honesty, charisma, charm and humor are just some of the words that describe and define this man better than wins, losses or coaching records.

It has been well chronicled how the Birmingham, Alabama native left snowy West Virginia to come to Florida State and save the program. Three seasons after he first walked across the campus, he had taken FSU to within one game of a national championship.

Rising above Bowden's coaching accomplishments, though, are his credentials as a man. Friendly and outgoing, he is a deeply religious man who believes strongly in the strength of the family. He loves people. His personality and charm are bigger than life and he has become somewhat of a folk hero. An engaging speaker, Bowden is constantly in demand and most free evenings will find him on the speaking circuit. His off-season travel schedule would exhaust anyone. Sunday morning will usually find him in the pulpit of a church somewhere in the south. Outside of football, Bowden has an intense interest in World War II history and he is a voracious reader on the subject. He traced his ancestry to parts of Germany and has visited the country several times.

Bowden's faith and family have always been most important to him. The nation can follow son Tommy's career as head coach at Clemson as well as Terry, who is a college football analyst for ABC. The Bowden's oldest son, Steve, co-wrote a book entitled "The Bowden Way" with his dad . Youngest son, Jeff, is in his 13th season on the FSU staff and his fifth as offensive coordinator. His oldest daughter Robyn is married to Clemson assistant coach Jack Hine Hines and his youngest daughter Ginger is an attorney.

--a living legend, but time rots every apple eventually!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The sidewalk art contest

The sidewalk art contest, originally uploaded by freestone.

The sidewalk art contest
The annual sidewalk art contest!

Tallahassee, florida, usa

Here, downtown, every year, there is this contest for the sidewalk art.
There were about 15 to 20 entries. I took this shot about 5 PM, a bit dark, but the rainclouds were, at this very moment, creeping up over the horizen. Now or never!

The link to the Set is below, where each entry, that I liked, has its own image.

There are about 5 to 7 entries in this set, each drawing has its own photo for it, there.

The next day, the rain had done such a wash on the art that for all intents the the Works have now vanished utterly!

"a one-day blip thing!"

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

there must be a Story here!

there must be a Story here!, originally uploaded by freestone.

there must be a Story here!
yes there surely must be a story here, with this!

Three shoes.
A sweater.
An empty ciggarette pack.
An empty bottle of beer.

All on a street, at the corner. The shoes are very very moldy.

Tallahassee, florida, usa.

I think that they all just fell out of the back of a truck, as it rounded the corner to the left of the crossing-bar.

But sure looks a bit "surreal", seeing them just lying there on the street!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

subtropical urban scene

subtropical urban scene, originally uploaded by freestone.

subtropical urban scene
downtown Tallahassee, florida, usa. Looking north towards Georgia belle apartments, where I live.
Even in the "parking lot fringes" of the city center, there are trees!
Here is a Live Oak, a Cabbage palm tree, and the spanish moss.
The temperature is about 78 to 80 degrees, about 2 PM, still at 6 PM, when I upload these images, still shirtsleeve weather.

Nothing special here, Just a subrtopixcal snapshot of a section of my hometown, the town, now, that I call "home".
Probably snowing, now, in my Interlaken, ny, hometown of my childhood!

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"was a good life"!

"was a good life"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

I took this one last year, this is one of my favorite photos.

To me it sums up Old Age well, at least what the Symbol of old age would be, for me!

Time to Sum up one's life, time to look at the setting sun, with your walker in hand, and try to imagine, even if it was *not*, to imagine that you had a good life!
The area is so dark that you might miss that old lady with her walker, standing just outside of the entrance to the Georgia Belle
Apartments for Independant Living, here in Tallahassee, Florida.
I live here too! I am 65 years old, my apartment is a few floors above this entrance. So I Summerize my life also, here!
my weblog helps with this.

A good place this is, why someone, the other day, told me that a year ago an old lady moved who never smiled and laughted, within a couple of months she opened up to laughter and smiles and made friends!

When I walked up to her, she told me that she indeed had come out to get some air and to look at the setting sun!
Thus the Mood was Real.


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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wheelchair, walker, oxygen!

wheelchair, walker, oxygen!, originally uploaded by freestone.

wheelchair, walker, oxygen!
Here at the senior residence for Independant living, where I, myself, live, there are a number of seniors who use walkers, wheelchairs, and other aids for independance.
Down the hall from my room is this Veteran who has this wheelchair, plus his walker [the shaft with the handle on it]
and his oxygen tanks that are behind his chair. He often just leaves all of this in the hall if he steps into his room for a few minutes then comes back out.
He *can* walk about unaided, for a few feet, he can breathe somewhat without his oxygen tank, but not for long.

One could "pity" him, say, "how awful", that "your cup is almost empty"!
I could also say that his cup is still half-full, due to these Aids for independence! The technology of these helping objects has come a long ways, and plus the medicare/veterans disibility payments, even the $2000+ wheelchair is affordable for him.
His mind is clear, he comes down to eat meals, and does other social actions, he gets out of his room, talks with his friends.
Back in, say, 1920, or even 1950, he might well be living in a "regular" nursing home. NO independence at all.

I know of two people here who take 20 pills each morning, each lady swallows 20 pills first thing in the morning. Again, side effects and
such, aside, the other side of the story is that maybe these 20 pills
make it possible for these ladies to live tolerably well, and tolerably happy, for years to come!

the critics of Modern medicine forget that back in 1880, or even 1949, many many of these seniors, and "not-so-seniors", would be dead by now.
maybe even *you*, reader of this post, might owe your health and/or your life, not only to spiritual cures, but also to "modern medicine", even at age 25 or, say, age 35!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

I uploaded this to update my picture in my profile

Thursday, November 02, 2006

the "forbidden Path"!

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!

The image comes, in flickr, in several sizes. the "medium" is too
small for my likenings, the Default size. This is the size that Flickr
uses when you "post to blog" from their site, and thus all of my photos
below this one are of that size.
but the "Large" is "too too large"! Throws off the whole page, makes
one side-scroll
to read the writings.

I have decided to go with the "MEDIUM" settings for the photos as the large photo will fill up the screen and also be of slow download time to view the page when there will be more photos added!

you can click on any photo to see the larger image.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

spanish moss

spanish moss, originally uploaded by freestone.

spanish moss
An Airplant, this spanish moss. Tis not a parisite, does not use the tree sap to live. Here in tallahassee, Florida, usa, there are trees with tons of this plant drapping from the limbs.

This moss is hanging from a Live Oak tree, the leaes are evergreen year round.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!
well here is the "Forbidden Path" taken with my new canon powershot a610.

contrast with the shot taken with my old canon powershot a410

a picture is worth a thousand words, in comparing a "good" 3 meg pixel camera with another in the same series with 5 megapixels.

taken about an hour or two later than the previous shot.

One can see many subtropical plants, from bammboo to live oaks to many vines. Note the "pavement", when the city once had this as a street, now abandoned to the residents. No name, at least there is no "no trepassing" sign!
I half expect someone to come out and tell me to go away!

Along this abandoned to driveway path is a rotten barn, falling down upon its contents, gaping empty trash cans, an abandoned swimming pool with a bit of water at the bottom only suitable for frogs, vines, plants, etc.
I half expect to see a ghost here!

There is Light at the end of this path.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

from my room, my new a610

from my room, my new a610

well just yet another wiew from my 5th floor room.
But with my new canon a610.
Tis a nice camera.

"forest" is actually a cover for houses, you would never know
that a city lies under those trees, unless

tallahassee florida usa.

by freestone on 24 Oct '06, 6.13pm EDT.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

of Light and Shadow

of Light and Shadow, originally uploaded by freestone.

of Light and Shadow
Behind the Georgia Belle Senior residence is a garden and this walkway. I shot this photo about 4 pm on a sunny oct 24th afternoon.

I have read that the light and shadows, in florida, is "hallucinogenic"!
The light is so so bright that the shadows are etched in sharp contrast.
would you belive that *every* sunny summer and fall day has shadows like of this?!! One could get "lost" in the patterns, very "trippy" to say the least.

maybe this is why the tropics are so mysterious to the latitude-people, say, 50 degrees North, of the English! There, the sun is weak and soft; here in florida, one has the Feeling that *anything* could happen, anything could be found.

try the "large" size look, the mystery is intense.

I guess my new canon a610 was a wise purchase!!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

first a610 picture, 1600 x 1200

first a610 picture, 1600 x 1200

Just a "shot" of the house across the street,
I wanted far distance and close up, in the same photo, so that
i could compare several resolutions. Comes out very nice,
for not having read the 132 page manual, just using the
"auto" settings. the
2046 x 1536 and the 2592 x 1944 RES
test shots came out a bit fuzzy, not quite set right or camera
But this image looks very very good.

I would have read the manual more but for the fact that as
when I get a new "something wonderful" everyone
else comes very first, and i have a "family" of about 160 other
seniors and they have such hard hard times dealing with any
electronics in any form whatsoever and I end up on "tech call" helping
a lady with her new printer so that shhe can send Birthday
cards to her huge extended family, much much more important
than having me read a manual!!

it is the older women,
i find, not the older men, who use computers!
In fact
a newcomer, I met for the first time last week, he is intelligent
and about my age of 65 and he has a Philosophy that there is
nothing worth while after about 1957. Downhill from that time
onwards! Thus most men live here as if it were 1995 and the
"Wagons have circled the campfire" around their lives:
NO computers, thenk you!
But the older women use computers
for to send email to their relatives, print out cards for
them, and communicate.
But they no Zilch about
"right mouse click" or "defrag" or of anything else: a computer
IS an "Appliance" to them, like of a Toaster!

be weeks before i can seize the time to actually "play" with
all of the settings for this wonderful looking

anyways....welcome to a610!

by freestone on 23 Oct '06, 9.31am EDT.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP, originally uploaded by freestone.

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP
A map of my hometown of Interlaken.
Has anyone, who reads this, lived near there?

in the very center of the Fingerlakes.
Rod Serling is buired in the town cemetary, he lived on the lake east of town, writing his twilight zone stories, many of these stories featured Interlaken as part of the plot.

28 kids in my 1960 graduating class.

I had a cottage, myself, in the 60s..70s on the shore of Cayuga lake, heaven on earth, the cottage was about
where the "10" is, on the map.

a town so small you can drive through it in a minute and the post office is about 500 feet from a field!

[I will leave this image at the front for a few days, before placing it near the end of my Stream!


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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

autism and my life


---a rant about my autism, to a support group.


hi all....I give to you jarl, permission to use this article in the newsletter if you wish to.

So here is ole freestone, just sitting down at the library computer.
Ihad just come from the Georgia belle apartments and for the unteenth time, when I talked to a Manager about something, i had the distinct feeling that he was talking to someone who was about 16 years old.
Suddenly I realized that nearly all older men and women seem to
act towards me in a *slightly* different way than someone, anyone, else!

I am not speaking so much that they detect that i have an autistic condition, it is of something else that is tied up with this condition and now i have a handle on what this is, everyone!!

It is as if they ARE acting towrds me as if i am about 16 or 18, even if the speakers are 30...50...70+ years old!
As if I am always to be about 16, to them.

then I realized that in my heart, I act as if they all were really a Mother or father to me, *everyone* that is about 10 years older than i, or even people who are younger than my 65 years!!
That is....it is as if my "self image" is stuck at 16 years old, and i subtlby emit a vibe that gives signals to everyone that I am not mature, not grown up. What is more important, is that my own IDEA, not
really at the surface, is that I act to most strangers of any age as if i were still about 15 years old!


ah Autism. the same reason as if i "get" someone's name wrong at the very first introduction! if i think the name is "lill", instead of "bill"! it will be "Lill" forever, even unto a heated argument as if will find out that i will DEFEND my calling him "Lill", as that is the very first data into my brain and it is there for keeps, thank you!
same with when I first got my 14 year old time period of "self indentity"! This identity will ALWAYS be 15 years old, and i can sense deeply that anything that i was interested in at age 6 is still right up there on the front lines of "now", today, this minute!

but it was a small revelation, people, to see this in action, thus to these men and women, they sense my "age" and thus take me as
seriously as they would a 14 year old. and treat me as such.

and...to me
adult = stop! fixitate. settle down. do not grow, do not imagine.

Thus here i am at retirement with no job hisory to speak of, no wife, no career, no children...etc...

I remenber in Barnes and Nobles as i stuck my finger into the coffee cup to get the last dregs of brown sugar, in the empty cup, a phd college professor was talking over at the window table and his voice "quivered" slightly as i then licked my finger to get the brown sugar into my mouth!
I guess i will never ever Arrive at the top of any NCO, officer, or
authority position, ever.

but i have all of the fun!


Friday, October 13, 2006

yard: Brokaw McDougall house

yard: Brokaw McDougall house, originally uploaded by freestone.

yard: Brokaw McDougall house
the yard at the Brokaw McDougall house.

here you can see the Live oaks covered with spanish moss.
Note the ferns on the branches. They say there are orchids hidden on those branches.
the subtropics. what this really means is that there is a temperate winter and a tropical rainy summer season.

Always nature surpises.

This photo was only a couple of weeks away from snowing in Chicago!! This here scene will look like this until nearly Christmas, in a normal year!

tallahassee, florida usa.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

the "forbidden" Path

the "forbidden" Path, originally uploaded by freestone.

the "forbidden" Path
I call this path the "Forbidden" path, as this alley was once a city street that as the city "made offical" its streets, years ago, this alley was not considered their street. So now it is really a driveway and thus there is a sense of "this is private", as I walk through it.

Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

This is what a subtropical rainforest looks like, in the "urban version"! 60 inches of rain per year. temps sometimes in the 70s in january.

If one were to peer into the folage, one would find many many "invasive plants", plants theat escaped to the wild from the yards, years ago, and are now naturalized.

There is a spooky feeling here, every time that I walk this lane!
I can look into the backyrads of houses, see an abandoned swimming pool, trash cans a rotting garage with unknown and forgotten contents: who knows what goes on in the houses here?!

All of this only about 8 blocks from downtown!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

old wall textures

old wall textures, originally uploaded by freestone.

old wall textures
textures on an old wall of a palntation smokehouse.

tallahassee, florida usa.

the smokehouse itself is visible here.

this building is probably dating from the 1880s, or before.

Used as a smokehouse to preserve the meat. Often the kitchen itself was also a separate building outside of the main house, becasue of the heat, those loooong summers where the temperature reaches 90 to 95 degrees for up to six months of the year, plus the fire danger, if the kitchen burns, the house is OK!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Low live oak limbs

Low live oak limbs, originally uploaded by readerwalker.

from readerwalker's flickr.

Low live oak limbs
Limbs from a big old live oak in downtown Tallahassee.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 19 Sep '06, 2.54pm EDT.

The old oak tree is so spreading that some of its branches tip onto the ground.
A city park downtown, near the library.

sago palm along the street

sago palm along the street, originally uploaded by freestone.

sago palm along the street
One never ever knows what surprieses can be found on just a walk
down a sidewalk!

here is a sago palm, one of the largest diameter leafspans that I ever see. This is a "Female" plant, they are either male or female and that ball in the center is the seed sack

a closeup of this sack is here

A street looking to the North. Talllahassee, florida usa.

Near sunset, the shadows creep across the sidewalk.

As i say, just a walk down a sidewalk in one's own backyard, can produce surprises! This sago palm is about one block from where I live.

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Sep '06, 9.07am EDT.

Monday, September 25, 2006

on a tropic day you can see Forever!

on a tropic day you can see Forever!
5th floor view to the North, the tropical air, directly coming from the Gulf of Mexico, is so clear that "one can see forever"!
Here I can see, from tallahassee, florida, usa, way up into Georgia to see thunderheads many many miles away.

Near dark too, just before sunset, that is why the trees are so dim-colored!

Northern "industrial" city people usually have a summer where the sky is very very hazy most of the time; in the far North, near the canadian border, in the usa, sometimes clear cool air comes down from the north.
But here in the tropic rain season, the air comes from the equator, and passes over the sea, over the Gulf and the carribean.
As clear as those images of sunsets over pacific islands!

hard to tell that there is a city residential neaiborhood under those trees.

---these reasons why i like tallahassee to live in.

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Sep '06, 9.21am EDT.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brokaw McDougall house, from the side

Brokaw McDougall house, from the side
Brokaw McDougall house. An old plantation house of the Southern style. A side view, on a sunny late summer day.
Now used as the headquarters for the tallahassee city parks department.

Whenever I see this house, as I live a couple of blocks away, the house has long long ago been "swallowed" by the city so that there are only a couple of acres of land left to this house, I am reminded of that book written by a 1880 New York Times reporter who came here to report the capital news [tallahassee is the state capital].
the book, I think, was called TALLAHASSEE LADY; a book about a new york times reporter who came to report the capital news during the 1880s.
In the book, the reporter comes into the city by carrage, from the train station and as he passes by a plantation house *like* this one, he sees a pretty young lady in the yard. he soon gets to know her and falls in love with her. She, however, is Promised to another man in marrage, another plantation owner.
The book, in its writing techniques, Links the beauty of the area of the countryside that is of Tallahassee, with the beauty of this lady. He comes from the cold cloudy Northland where winter rules six months of the year and he arrives here in late january where the flowers are blooming and the trees are green and the sun shines brightly at 70 degrees or higher, even in January.
He learns to play the piano and begins to enjoy the Southern ways of life: his Soul Opens Up. Tallahssee and that lady inspires his soul to grow.

Alas, she gets married and he has to return back to New york, but he understands, anyways, that she could not live in the cold city of new York, even if he were to marry her!
Thus he knows that she must marry this other man, even as she Loves him more than he!

He returns to the north. At night, sometimes, in his dreams, he dreams of scented magnolias under a full moon. Thus When awake he knows that once his soul has Opened, he canappreciate the
beauty around him, even in new york city! He can live like he were still living in this strange and wonderful southern city, at least in his heart, even as he is walking the streets of New York!

Yes, a calm peaceful afternoon, late. The temperature might be 90 degrees, the wind is calm, the sky is summy and bright with calm clouds: just the romantic moment that Anything can happen, of wonder and Soul, a Moment from this Book.
Spanish moss dangles from the limbs, fig trees in the background, the house has rooms open to the public showing what life was like in 1880, for palntation people of the upper class. The smokehouse to the right. There is not a breath of wind, usually there is no wind, tallahassee has to be one of the cities with the lowest winds speeds of any city in the country. thus there is a very "mystical" feeling to scenes like of this, as the "calm-photo" and the reality, are the same, as far as wind is concerned!

This scene will look about the same on a January day too! Maybe 70 to 75 degrees. A bit lower, maybe even higher.

a nice place to visit, or to live. maybe to find one's very own "tallahassee lady", OR "tallahassee man"!


tallahassee, florida usa.

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Sep '06, 9.20am EDT.

Monday, September 18, 2006

the Spider and her Eggs

the Spider and her Eggs, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Spider and her Eggs
a spider with her egg sack. You can dimly see that this spider is on the outside of a window, the parking lot is about three floors below.
The landing lights are on all night long and the bugs must be thick, on the wondows. a bug "all you can eat" cafe! Thus this spider comes to live right there next to the near-infinite food supply!

the actual size of this spider must be about .75 of an inch.

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Sep '06, 9.28am EDT.

the Glory

the Glory, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Glory
a Glorious sunset over Tallahassee, Oh how Wonderfully the rays spread out.

Almost like of a "shout it out", about how wonderful life can be!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Sep '06, 9.34am EDT.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mr. John Deer tractor!

Mr. John Deer tractor!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Mr. John Deer tractor!
the John Deer tractor has a smilyface!



ready for action, he is, no mere superfical smiles, as he is serious!
can you dig it, HE can!

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Sep '06, 9.20am EDT.

popcorn time

popcorn time, originally uploaded by freestone.

popcorn time
Friday movie night at the senior residence. Here at Georgia Belle
apartments for independant living, there are many things to do.
the 150+ residents can watch a movie on "friday night movie time".
Somone, years ago, donated this theater popcorn maker, and every friday it is wheeled out and popcorn is made. Often people have some with no intention of watching the movie, quite the "social hour"!
Movies are easy to get to watch, these days, with the VCR and tapes/DVDs. Most of the movies are of themes harking back to 1950, or so, but I have been surprised: THE RAIN MAN, and INDIANA JONES.

on can see dimly, behind the popcorn maker, the monthly calander, one can see dimly that there are a lot of activities.

the popcorn is good.

I cannot seem to be able to take pictures of the people. no one wants to have their photo taken and I have to respect this, their
Embarrassment is so profound, that i do not even try to take photos behind their backs!!
----again: there is really a double generation gap, between the 75 year olds and todays 30 year olds: the "standard one", and then there
is the ways of life of the 20s...30s..40s...50s, compared to the 60s onwards!

the older generations of the 40s/50s put everyone else ahead
of their interests and "acceptance" was a way of life and that one should never ever have ones picture taken unless one spent hours and hours preparing to "looking their very very best"!!

their conception of 1930 "proper civilization" , we all might call
"Fascism", where civilization comes before the individual, and that everyone should live second to civilization's collective way of life!
They might call *our* way of life..."too too self-centered"!

So some of this movie nightness, is to somewhat celebrate the 50s.

Uploaded by freestone on 9 Sep '06, 10.25am EDT.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the streak of light

the streak of light, originally uploaded by freestone.

the streak of light
sunset looking to the west, over tallahassee, florida, usa.

This image shows a very complex pattern of old, dying, thunderstorms. The upper level winds have pulled the tops of the storms off of them and then the setting sun underlights one of them, then the undercloud evaporates leaving only the tops.
Note how there are may such storms here and if you look closely, you can see even more storms yet to die, about at the horizen where the sun has set.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

the spider

the spider, originally uploaded by freestone.

the spider
a bugs eye view of maybe its immediate demise!

---a picture of a sipder taken through a wndow. the lights are on all night long, here at the landing, and surely this windowpane is a bug cafeteria!

Uploaded by freestone on 9 Sep '06, 10.25am EDT.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

a powerful thunderhead

a powerful thunderhead, originally uploaded by freestone.

a powerful thunderhead
a huge thunderstorm far off to the NE.
Sunset, taken from the 5th floor.

tallahassee florida usa.

Ah, the tallahassee rain season. over 80 thunderstorm days per year and this counts only the storms that give rain and does not count the far off to the distance storm days, like of this day!

One can tell, by a closeup look at the yellow-orange cloud, that there is a lot of power to this storm.

Uploaded by freestone on 5 Sep '06, 10.02am EDT.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

a calm tropical day

a calm tropical day, originally uploaded by freestone.

a calm tropical day
From my 5th floor window, about 3 pm, the tropical rain season is Producing a shower for someone, miles away. You can actually see the rain falling from the top of this cloud!

tallahassee, florida usa

Note how clear the air is, and You would not know that there are houses under those trees.
The temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees, of course, normal for this time of year, mid-August. There is not a bit of wind either, Tallahassee is the least windy city in the country, as far as I know.

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Aug '06, 10.04am EDT.

Monday, August 28, 2006

the fat ooozy critter?!

the fat ooozy critter?!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the fat ooozy critter?!
well, a "fat oozy critter" shape in the clouds, seen from the 6th floor of my apartment building, looking west, about 6 PM.
The sun shines from behind this cloud, casting that "sunray" look.

I find it utterly amazing what shapes can be found in clouds!!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Aug '06, 10.04am EDT.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the storm

the storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

the storm
a thunderstorm, looking to the west, at sunset time, from the 5th floor of my aprtment building.

tallahassee forida usa

just a nice view of a smal thunderstorm.

Uploaded by freestone on 14 Aug '06, 9.30am EDT.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Waiting!, originally uploaded by freestone.

"Waiting for the undertaker to come by and pick me up"!

In front of the georgia belle senior independant living facilites apartment, where i live....tallahahassee, florida, usa, is a place where people come out and sit and watch the street and SEE the people coming and going in and out.
Some just come out as they are Bored and nothing to do.
Others just come out to smoke as smoking is not supposed to happen indoors!

I have noticed that some seniors complain, in a slightly whinny voice, that they are bored today. Here these people are....retired, quit their jobs or housework, years ago, and it is *as if* they are sitting on a bus or train bench, awaiting the hearse that will come by and pick them up and carry them to the undertakers facilities!

I can understand "boredom" if the person cannot hear too well, cannot see too well, but most older people grew up in the 20s...30s, here at Georgia belle; the seniors of the great depression and WW II
time periods, when life *WAS* work, work dawn to dusk and beyond and when the work is Over, you just sit there like of a puppet where the puppet-master went out for lunch! The "one-trick horse" has finished his trick and noooow what?!
[older people surrounded by VCRs/DVD-players, where there are 595,092 movies availible for watching, 100 channels on the cable network, 3000+ books released each week]
but most people are "social-only" where once the people that they knew have past away, and their older relatives are gone, they are like
with nothing left!
[I once saw an older lady At Sea, in a cafeteria line, there were maybe 15 salads, 13 kinds of deserts, and she was a ship without a rudder, sail, motor, compass, wheel, or even a captain, as her husband had Gone, and Eisenhower was not There anymore to tell her what was good for her to order: she has to make her own choices now and years ago if you lived alone and had to make your own choices, this meant that


Uploaded by freestone on 14 Aug '06, 9.30am EDT.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

summer cloud

summer cloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

summer cloud
a late afternoon "almost" thunderhead, almost grwon enough to produce some rain.

Taken from my 5th floor window.
tallahassee, florida, usa.

probably is sprinkling under the cloud.

oooh, clouds come in SO many shapes, sizes, colors!

Uploaded by freestone on 9 Aug '06, 10.16am EDT.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

peaceful late afternoon from my window

peaceful late afternoon from my window
A peaceful summer afternoon, seen from my 5th floor window.
Note how clear the sky is, the subtropics, here in North florida, even when thewind is not coming off of the Gulf, often is free of the industrial haze that plagues the Northern states and Europe.
Of course the temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees, at this moment, but that is normal on any sunny day that the rain season has no rain, like of today.
Not a breath of wind stirring, when I later walked outside. That is common here, a feather would fall like a slow-moving brick.

Here I am, looking out of my 5th floor senior living facilities apartment, onto what looks to be a forest! What I am actually looking at, here, are the treetops over houses! There are probably 50 to 100 houses, from here to the horizen, all under those trees.
If I were to climb up to the 12th floor, the view would be very similar, only the main streets with their strip mall-shops, would break the solid green of the trees.

"subtropical rain forest" One of two such areas in the country, I read. The first is near Miami, florida, this area is in North Florida.
60+ inches of rain per year.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

thunderheads to the east

thunderheads to the east, originally uploaded by freestone.

thunderheads to the east
setting sun illuminates thunderstorms off to the east of tallahassee, florida, usa.

About sunset, the orangeness really comes through, in many colors and shades.

Here the rainfall is normally over 60 inches oer year.

Hereabouts there are frogs in your mailbox, frogs in the back of your pickup truck, frogs on the walls of your house, the summer temperature reads 80 degrees on the bank thermoneter, as i walk past this sign at 8 am!
"chirp"..."peep"..."bark bark", the busjes purr with small frogs, the trees bark with treefrogs, do not have one of these be in your bedroom at 3 AM, the sound is about 100 decebals!!

Maybe the tropical rain season has started now, here!

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