Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Round window

Round window, originally uploaded by readerwalker.

Round window
A favorite window in a remarkable house.

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my photo links. All in one place. I will add more from time to time.

my photo links. All in one place. I will add more from time to time.
here are some of my photolinks. As I have no phone, I cannot bookmark in explorer, so I need a place to put them!
So here they are, I make this "public"
so that maybe other people can use this too!

a random flickr photo generator: 6 at once. Now you can random look at all of flickr!

another random flickr photo generator.

Morguefile. Most photos are public domain. Nice photos too.

the master site of all photoblogs. Master
hub of "them all"!

a webring of flickr photo sites.

another ring.

the "owner" of photoblogs.org, his pages.

creative commons homepage.

Pics4Learning. copyright-friendly images for education.

U.S. Government Graphics and Photos.
Most of these images and graphics are available for use in the public domain; they may be used and reproduced without permission or fee.

Wikipedia:Public domain image resources.

Public Domain Images.

Image*After is a large online free photo collection. You can download and use any image or texture from our site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial.

David gallengar's page, the new york times photographer.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

a fine tallahassee day

a fine tallahassee day, originally uploaded by freestone.

a fine tallahassee day
a nice late afternoon with
a large liveoak tree, here in Tallahassee, florida.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

early morning tallahassee. Anything is Now Possible

early morning tallahassee. Anything is Now Possible
A nice tallahassee, florida, early morning, the sky and the light and the trees, infer to me that Anything Is Now Possible, in life, Today!

One fall tree, and the rest is subtropical greenery year around. A nice day to say "yes" to life, in!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

--here is a letter of Thanksgiving that I posted to all of my "subscribers" to my yahoosite where I keep my writings of my dreams and visions and prophecies, with other people's prophecies too, for this year.



[you might have to sign up for free at yahoo.com if you do not already have an account there, to read these writings, only takes a minute to do so.]


Hi everyone!

Here it is, the day before Thanksgiving. I have thought, as I walked over to this Library computer, getting up in the 35 degree cold morning, to walk to the coffee shop, and to walk to here, that I have had this Freestonefiles site, now, for a number of years. I had first started it, back before weblogs had even existed. I never did have a phone, so that I could never have a "real" internet site of my own, the "half full cup" of the disibility pension cannot deal with how phones cost the earth!

I have posted my own dreams and then also have collected some of the writings, from the net, that I really really liked, here, over the years.
---Ya know, the internet today is full of end time prophecies, and most of them have the "due date" to be only in a few years! I do not have a good Feel for most of them, though! I sense that many of them
are riddled with the psychological bias of the Giver! One "standard"
varient that I have seen, is like of this: "New Orleans is a sin filled city, full of homosexuals, and will get the hurricanes that it deserves, as God's punishment for sin-filled behaviors"!
I do not feel these types of predictions are right!

I, myself, have had to "deal" with an ever present dream theme that was telling me, over the last year or two, ever the more stridently, as time went by, as if I was not really listening, that my own death was immanent!
However, during the last few months, i have had dreams that Angels or Guides have told me that I have now an Extension of time to live, and I will live until the
"very end"!
["very end", as of 2011/12, as that is when this very end is supposed to be, according to my currant, November 2005, dreams!]
Too, I have the dream impression that the "earthchanges" will be in "nickle and dime" amounts, not in some "mass death" of millions of people all at once!
I was told that many of my friends will die before me, but that I will be here until the very end.

Lots of strange weather, political events, and earth actions, but no
real "60% of humanity killed all at once, I see it, for the next 6 to 7 years!
Life will go On, School for souls will continue, school to maximize
the [my] four soul/spirit Truths.
1 Love.
2 Understandings
3 Goodness in everything felt, thought of, or done.
4 creative imaginations, using the three Principles, above; try to think out of the boxes that have existed for all of history.

try to live now on earth as *if* you were already in heaven.
Then when you get there, you will already be "up to speed", for the best heaven experiences.

Thus, this Thanksgiving 2005, I have a lot to be thankful for.
we all do, actually.
Cayce, Nostradamus, et all, could be actually "overwritten" by Grace from Spirit!

I was in the store "Best Buy", the other day. This store specializes in electronics, video games and systems, computers, music, videos. So many choices as to what to watch or do on TV!
Thus, I have come to the Conclusion: that it is as IF most of us have "won the million dollar lottery", and there are now SO many choices, large and small, out there, that we can choose to say "yes" to, that influences our soul growth for eternity.
Thus, if we all "have a problem", I see this problem a bit "Differently" than the Liberal left/fundamentalist christians do, about what is wrong with our society!
I see our problem, collectively, as that the amount of choices and opportunities availible, today, has outstripped our self disipline
capibilities to handle all of the amount of knowledge and power that is now out there for us to use!
"THE MILLIONARE", an old TV program from the 50s, shows this well: where each week this hidden rich business owner gives a million dollars, of 1957 money, to a random picked person, then the show depicts what this person did with the money.
Some people blew it. some used it wisely.
Thus today the bookstores are filled with books, the music cds line the shelves.
But does all of this just lead to 20,000 sex images on your hard drive, or does this Richness lead something "higher"?!

it is *YOUR* choice!!

As if the "final judgement" is being done in advance of our deaths!

the hotter the water, the more sturdy the sides of the cookpot must be!
The more cuurant in the wire, the more thicker the insulation must be, or the currant will short out, and go to the lowest area!

----this is my only "condemation" of this present times:
not enough self awareness of... "touch the new puppy and it becomes yours"! Not enough awareness of, "whatever you say YES to, now becomes your responsibiility for!
---like of that true story of the lady who was offered a free goat and she accepted it:
she had the land for it, but she had to buy the fence and the food and water troughs, etc,etc, plus the food, plust the vet bills, the shots, etc. her free goat cost her $4,000, in the first year alone!

Never enter a contest that if you won the Prize you cannot deal with this prize!

So say "Yes" to things that grow your soul, in the four "sayings" that I list, above; this is my only advice until the year 2011/12, when maybe School is over, for *this* Class, of the human race!
--for we all have now an "Indian Summer", to have a few years of Grace, to finish up our lives in!

So in the year to come, in the 5 to 6 years to come, the Lord willing, I will continue to post my dreams, and to collect and to post what I feel are "good" predictions and observations, about our present times and of our Future, here in Freestonefiles.
Thank you for your subscriptions....


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sea serpent barrier

Sea serpent barrier, originally uploaded by readerwalker.

--from my friend Eric's site:

Sea serpent barrier
Guards Landis Green against vehicles at one point. Several serpents like this block other areas around FSU campus.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 13 Nov '05, 7.06pm EST.

--I feel that this is a creative thing, probably a project of the Lab's students, at FSU.

Yesterday, in the rain, I walked over to have my little lunch under the park pravilion in front of the Library, before I went in. I hesitate to go there now, as always there is a homeless person sitting there, and there are few "Romantics", in today's wanderers, I fear, as alcohol, anger, and craziness rule.

sure enough there was someone there, a young lady standing in the corner. She was singing to herself at full volume an d she commented to herself too, after each song, sung at hyper maniac intensity. On and on...

the "mess" of the Nest, her nest, in the corner, infers that she has been there for hours already, probably since she left the Shelter at 7 am, and probably will be there all day long, and not a moment of silence as she rants and sings and comments non-stop.

No audience either. There was no interaction between me and her, there could not be such, as she sung only for and to herself, I was not there, even sitting 15 feet away. Do no good to interupt her either, probably, as I would get a "word salad" answer, sentences unrelated to one another and words all minced together in full
shizophrenic glory.

Back in 1960, she probably would have been living back in Ward 4, the ward where the incurables live, and live their whole lives out, shut off, but protected from the world. Today it is the streets.

I could tell that she is intelligent, probably a college student until her shizophrena kicked in. No for life, I fear, she will be like this.
No counselings, no drugs, even, can touch this brain of hers.

Maniac enthusiasm with no focus and direction, let alone self-control: any of her Visions cannot be communicated, even to herself! Random Brownian movement, of the synapses, to whatever she thinks about, coffee cups and Mozart and the balloons of cats and sailing boats that leave at 3 pm to sail the coal mines back in old London, the conductors serves tea at 4, thank you ma'am!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Since this master's prophecy was overwritten, and I am living beyond my lifescript's end, I have had
occasional dreams that warned me that I will not live long. Often vague as to time and place, there was little way that I could tell if these dreams were only "psychological" or from a lower spirit world, even.

A few weeks ago, I had two impressive dreams, however...

1...I was shown that I have two old friends from the 1971 days of Hippiedom, one I have not seen for years, the other I know well, and see to this day about once per week. I was told that both of them would "soon let go of the grasp of the material world, but that I would hold on until the END"!
["END" stated in a certain "grave" Tone of pronouncings!] As if this End infers some great score line across the path of collective mankind!]
inference: that both of these friends will die before me!

Then In yet another dream I was shown that I would live until late 2011 or early 2012.
I guess until the "end", the "Mayan 2011 end of the age"!
2...I sat before a Customs lady, an India lady, to process to move to India, in an airport, in this here second dream. I had this dream on October 26th. After she
signs the paper, she gives to me an Indian sweet roll for me to eat, and I eat it.
[in dream spirit language, this infers a Binding Contract"!]
she then tells me that my plane number is "85", and it is already there at the airport but it is waiting in line to take off.

["85", to me is a personal number that infers one meaning to me, something meaning my probable death!]

I look up at the signboard to see how long I will have to wait, there was a set
of numbers across the top of the ticket counter, white screens from 1 to 12. The 10th one was lit up and some of the light "bled" into the next screen, the 11th screen.

[October 26th of 2005, the 10th month, almost the 11th month. If there is one month per count, the 85th month will make it about janurary 2012!
PLUS: Jan 25th of 2005, where Sai baba's memo book indicated the "rollover of the age", my possible death, the count has it where the 10th month from January of 2005 is October of 2005.

Probably an event of collective magnitude having to do with 2011/12, as I am supposed to be here until the "end"!

so I might have about six years left, six years to seven years of being on my life-stage after the Acts are done with: I wonder if I can do any "Encores"?


Saturday, November 19, 2005

a nice late tallahassee afternoon

a nice late tallahassee afternoon
the parking lot of Georgia belle, Tallahassee, fla, looking south.

I have not been taking so many tallahassee pictures of late as all of the plants look withered due to the Drought!

I like those cirrus clouds, there are many types of these in the wintertime.
Shadows creep across the parking lot.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

hi all...

So here is my little dream of a few days ago, and in it, to me, is an Incredible Bombshell of a prophecy, something that i will pray and ponder over, for months and months to come!

often, i find, that if i were to have a dream where some great disaster is to occur soon, that is not so: dream is only "psychological"!
[in dreams: 'apples" mean "pears", and "pears" will mean "apples"!]
But if a dream has a message about "XXX" then sometimes if an 'aside" is mentioned, and *that* little aside might be a bombshell of a message, like of this one that i will here post!!

yesterday, as i walked across the city graveyard, away from all of the traffic roar, only the dead for company, i walked where i could see the sun about to set, and then i had this strange strange feeling, a feeling as if from some Alternate reality, perhaps.
--That I was walking across an open field, on some road or path, being the only person alive, for miles and miles around, nearly the last man alive on earth, so alone.

This got me to thinking about the dream series of a few nights ago.

I was in a room where two of my friends were standing, a man and his wife [of 1971], two close 1971 friends, i still see him today, why just yesterday, but his wife divorced and moved far away and i have not seen her for 30 years!
Both of them, in my dream, were telling me, each of them, "I am going to
leave[drop] the attachment to Materiality soon". [the material world of things, money, etc.].
Then i said, "I will keep my attachment until the very very end, then i will drop this attachment too, immediately."

that was all of this dream, right that moment after i awoke, i had no idea.

There was yet *another* dream the earlier part of the night, this was where i met a "customs officer lady" at the airport counter, and she was India Indian and she processed my passport and assigned me my airplane as i am to move to India.
She tells me that the plane number is
"85" and that this plane has landed and is awaiting at the end of the runway for the planes ahead of it to come up to the boarding dock.
I then look over the passengar counter and note a series of numbers across the top of the wall,
there were about 12 or so of these numbers, 1-12 to maybe more.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 maybe.
the number "11" was lit up, but i could see that this light "bled" into the corner of the "12" glass.

two dreams in the same night; this means that they are linked together.
since the dream occured on October 26th, of this 2005 year, there was a clue!
the very end of the 11th month! near the very beginning of the 12th month.
there are now 75 more airplanes to go, as of october 26th, number 11 is now boarding.
One month per plane!

January 2012

to India, Bararta Land, maybe, the plane to heaven takes off with me on it!

so now i see what my two friends mean: "they will die before me"!

I will remain alive until the END!!

---*that* is the bombshell, for me, as the "end", here, is not my death, as such, or that death of my two friends.

"UNTIL THE VERY VERY END", to me, means the end of a period of Collective Time, where everyone's end comes, the collective "end of the world", or of 'these times"!

thus my two dreams is yet *another* take on 2011/2012!

Naturall Spirit could over-write this in a second, but this is now how i see my future, that my two friends will die soon [flu?] accident? [car accident?], but that i will live until the very end of the Age!



Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I had, yesterday, a small encounter with "mind versus the heart"!

As I signed in at the library security desk, I noted a poster on the table.
It read: "the annual veterans free meal at the Golden Coral steak house, all veterans and currant duty military people come eat for free"!

The guard noted that I was looking at it, I replied to him that even though I was a Vietnam era veteran, I will not go because of how there might be 500 people in line and a very very packed restaurant, where the noise and the danger to my lungs from catching a cold/flu, my Lung Condition, would be too too much for me to bear.

He replied back, the Tone of his voice is hard for me to put into words, this
Tone was that of "you must go, for the sake of Honor to vets and the deep bonding, no matter what the price to health and sanity, for going"!

whereas my wording was of "MIND"!

"feelings" as in
....One is down to her last cent and then a close relative dies 1200 miles away and the funeral is tomorrow and the airfare is $1500 one-way, for a one hour notice ticket! Of *COURSE* she goes, the debt will ruin her for ten years, but that is the way it goes!
....[a true event!] Someone quits his job at the library, the mailclerk, his family
is in Newark, new jersey, and back around 1970, the riots were bad there. He is moving there to be with them. One of the Librarians warned him about the riots, I was in the same room with him, as he spoke the words, "my family is there", tears welled up in his eyes and poured and gushed down his cheek onto the floor!

I can sense now why in 1960, most southern USA towns had it where any changes or new ideas implemented, they were done by outsiders, mostly from the North! The south is large on "feelings", and a "feeling" is 'forever", so that no change is the very best way to go.
In the 60s, there was a civil rights demonstration in new Orleans and the marchers were pelted with bricks and rocks from the sidewalk watchers. Someone videotaped the parade so that the police could then see who threw the bricks. All of these bricks came from only ONE type of people: mothers with babies in arms or young kids by their sides! I guess the FEELINGS of "maternity" make all outsiders 'dangerous" to their kids!
[those who cannot rise above their archetypes and stereotypes, BECOME THEM ]

on the other hand, I have seen, mostly northerners, who are "engines running without oil"! Very literal minded, all facts and all data, they could talk for an hour about what they bought today at Walmart, every dollar and cent, item by item, minute by minute. Why once, in south Florida, I sat at a cafe counter and another man came in and sat by me and then he proceeded to tell me of his trip down from Chicago. He began his account as he left his driveway at 6;45, where he turned left on Jason street for three blocks and then he turned right onto 4th Ave, and then three blocks to McDonald's, at 6;51, and he pulled a hard right into the second open space, and walked 53 feet to the front door. Ordered a breakfast combo at $1.74, with OJ and three pats of butter and two salts and one pepper.
[I managed to stop him before he got ten miles out of Chicago!]
Like of a playback of a videotape, frame by frame, no observations, no feelings, no comments, no interpretations; just "literalness"!!

got to have a balance of both mind and heart.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

"was a good life"!

"was a good life"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

"was a good life"!
"Was a good life, now it is all but over", a senior resident of Georgia Belle Independant Living facilities, Tallahassee, Florida, setting outside to look at the
setting sun.
She told me, when i walked up to her, that she stepped out to see what was going on
outside of the building.

An Apt metaphor for someone who is nearly 80, to watch the sun set to the West, "was a good life, still *is* a good life, and even the setting sun is setting in a nice way, after all some sundowns go down hard with 38 degrees and drizzle and 20 mph winds! Today the temperature might be over 80 degrees, in this sub-tropical locale, around the 12th of November, a perfect sunset.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

ww III in 1968!

Hi all...

Today I found a book, in Borders, that blew me away!

the writer claims that we all came very *VERY* close to WW III, in march 7th of 1968!!

in Amazon.com, the link for the book.

amazon page

Red Star Rogue : The Untold Story of a Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt on the U.S. (Hardcover)
by Kenneth Sewell, Clint Richmond

Editorial Reviews

Book Description

One of the great secrets of the Cold War, hidden for decades, is revealed at last.

Early in 1968 a nuclear-armed Soviet submarine sank in the waters off Hawaii, hundreds of miles closer to American shores than it should have been. Compelling evidence, assembled here for the first time, strongly suggests that the sub, K-129, sank while attempting to fire a nuclear missile, most likely at the naval base at Pearl Harbor.

We now know that the Soviets had lost track of the sub; it had become a rogue. While the Soviets searched in vain for the boat, U.S. intelligence was able to pinpoint the site of the disaster. The new Nixon administration launched a clandestine, half-billion-dollar project to recover the sunken K-129. Contrary to years of deliberately misleading reports, the recovery operation was a great success. With the recovery of the sub, it became clear that the rogue was attempting to mimic a Chinese submarine, almost certainly with the intention of provoking a war between the U.S. and China. This was a carefully planned operation that, had it succeeded, would have had devastating consequences. During the successful recovery effort, the U.S. forged new relationships with the USSR and China. Could the information gleaned from the sunken sub have been a decisive factor shaping the new policies of d├ętente between the Americans and the Soviets, and opening China to the West? And who in the USSR could have planned such a bold and potentially catastrophic operation?

Red Star Rogue reads like something straight out of a Tom Clancy novel, but it is all true. Today our greatest fear is that terrorists may someday acquire a nuclear weapon and use it against us. In fact, they have already tried.


a reviewer.....
I would like to address an earlier reviewer's comments about "Conspiracy Theories". There is certainly an existing body of facts about the K-129, the Halibut operations and the Glomar Explorer. This new book brings fresh evidence and insight into a case that has been clouded over the years by purposeful disinformation. "Red Star Rogue" attempts to clear some new ground, and argues that the K-129 case was of tremendous significance to the course of world history. I did have the opportunity to hear Mr. Sewell speak at a recent book signing in New London, CT., and he impressed me as very thoughtful, had done his research carefully, and made his points very logically. Further, Mr. Sewell is a qualified submariner and nuclear engineer who spent five years on the Special Operations submarine USS Parche, successor to the Halibut, and the subject of several chapters in "Blind Man's Bluff". He speaks from the viewpoint of someone who participated directly in covert Cold War operations. He mentioned the assistance of Dr. John Craven in pointing him toward source materials during research for the book. I would also quote page 200 of Dr. Craven's 2001 book "The Silent War". Speaking about the K-129, Dr. Craven, who was the architect of the Halibut operations, says, "I believe that the public now has a right and its own need to know the true story before it is lost forever". The implication is clear that there is far more to the episode than has been publicly disclosed. "Red Star Rogue" may provide answers to some of these haunting questions.

my oh my!

only one little mistake, by the crew, i read, mis-fired this missile.

probably all of china, all of russia, all of the usa and much of Europe would have been Gone.

Probably Spirit interveined, jiggled a technician's hand a bit.

No wonder my life was strange during 1968! I must have had it set up, in my life-plan before birth, that I could have died then!
As with 90% of the world when the 12,000 missiles were launched and then Russia came back with their 12,000!

no hippies, no new age, only groveling survivors in the ruins.....

How close we came, if this book is right!!

I wonder if any of you all have had strange events in 1968?!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


hi all...

on a prayer walk today, I had a sudden "seeing" of many many accidents and small disasters, many which will be odd and very very strange, that will happen from now till 2011/12!
It actually is "good news", if this occurs, even though many will not feel so!


a small story first, a true story.
My father was on his death bed in intensive care and my mother had a vision years before that he will die at 72 years old and he was now a couple of months into being 72! i did not even know of this dream of hers until i came back to be with him. But he did not die until a year later, as spirit gave to him a year of grace so that he could make amends with his son, me!
About the next month, his sister's mother in law, about ten years on her deathbed, died.
what struck me as "odd" was that i had the distinct feeling, even then, that my father was SUPPOSSED to have died on that date and the death fetcher angels were all ready to take him and then they got the word, "no"! "all dressed up and no where to go"! thus they had to expend all of that energy on something and that old lady was Ready so they took her instead of my father!

my "Inspiration on my walk"?!
---that there WAS to have been the beginning of the end times where every prophet/psychic has foreseen some very very terrible collective things happening, from now till 2011/12. tidal waves, killer hurricanes, astroids, you name it!

But that Grace has interveined and one of my dreams has it saying,"
Wait till as may souls as possible get on the Boat"!

so here 100,000+ archangels and angels are Poised to begin some terrible catastrophies, and then they all were Given The Word, "NO"!!

where oh where are they gonna put all of that energy, created from aeons
of 'getting ready"?! gotta discharge it somehow, and i saw how: that they will cause some "LOCAL" disasters and because so so so many angels are doing *each* small disaster, these accidents and disasters will be very *very* strange and odd!
.....a whole side of a california seaside hill slides into the sea, taking 30 people, this in place of having these angels take out the whole city of Los Angeles!

......a tornado, out of season, seemingly aiming as if Directed, through a trailer park, taking out 20+ people.

....strange one car accidents, no one gets hurt but the accident is "weird"!

....a meteor strikes a school, the size of a stone and it comes right through the ceiling of the auditorium on parents night, this stone rolls around on the floor burning holes in the wood floor freaking out all of the 400 parents! this in place of the rock that takes out London, say!

[the above are NOT predictions, just examples!]

stange weird happenings, all reflecting Things That Did Not happen!

be interesting to try to link up the events with what *was* to have occurred, the next 6..7..years!

Time to get all your life's work Done!


Myers Park path.

Myers Park path., originally uploaded by readerwalker.

Myers Park path.
Less than a mile from the center of Tallahassee, Florida.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 6 Aug '05, 9.25am EST.

one of the reasons why this city is my favorite city!

yes less than a mile, there are many hidden places in this city no matter how crowded the main streets are or how "developed" the suburbs are!

Oldest public building in Tallahassee.

Oldest public building in Tallahassee.
Presbyterian church, near the center of Tallahassee, Florida.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 10 Aug '05, 1.40pm EST.

--from a friend's photos....

I walk by this church many days a week.
There is a separate section for the slaves to sit in, as nearly everyone of any standing had slaves back then!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"the ripples from a dropped stone in a still pond, go out and out and out"!

I was just reading that the pipa forums was HACKED a few days ago, they lost a bunch of posts and the forum itself might have to, the moderators say, might have to change to another server and change completely!

do not the doers of this have any idea of how many people they hurt, by this thinkless action. The ripples from a dropped stone go out and out and out, then after one dies, they all come back, in the same vibration that they were sent of on!

One day, a few years ago, the cafe, in this capital city Tallahassee, I came to it for the 7 AM coffee, only to find it closed! This was Friday morning and Thursdays, in this college town, is Party Night and most of the workers there were students. No one came to open it up! Probably all of the kids stayed up till 5 am. The owner, I learned later, came in at nine
am, to open it up and he does catering to all of the law offices and the state offices, where the stuff has to go out by 8 AM: no one had their coffee and bagels *this* morning!

So on Monday, I told the owner a story, I made it up.
[story] : one of those catered breakfasts, with coffee, goes out on Friday to the county court house, and the judges, jurors, layers, have their coffee and bagels. On *this* Friday, a trial was concluded for a
man who did something nasty, and on Thursday they found him guilty. So today, at nine am, they are supposed to determine his sentence length.
By 8:30, they all were in a bad mood, the breakfast did not come, as the cafe was closed because these kids had their party. The coffee from the machine is terrible, and nothing else around to eat so then they all sat
to Determine his sentence in that bad mood!
this person could get three years to 15 years, on their determination, today he got the whole amount of time, 15 years.

[he might well have gotten much less, if everyone was in a good mood!]

About five years later, his wife got a divorce, she could not stand the aloneness anymore, and their son was now fatherless. The next guy that she married was an abuser, the son grew up not so good! In fact the son became a troublemaker and five years later the son shot and killed someone!

Soon, if not later, in due time, all of the students die of old age or of whatever, and then they have to sit on the "judgment seat" in heaven, for their lives. All of them are told, one by one, as each sits there, that there is a trace of MURDER in their records, as now each of them has to at least visit the "murderer's hell"!! Too, they have to help that boy who shot and killed a person!

each of these students "had their thumbs on that gun's trigger", as this boy went bad and the problem began when these students had their party and thus 500 people were affected OUTRIGHT, by their not coming to open up the cafe at 6 am so that over a hundred people did not get their
catered breakfast and over a hundred people had a bad mood morning, and Decisions were made in the Bad Mood!!
Thus in a very real sense they were partly responsible for that criminal's son's shooting! By that time, the ripples of that party must have affected 10,000+ people!

Now after death, those ripples must all come Home, back to that Stone that fell in that pond of life!


Once in a while, on TV, I see an ad that really impresses me as to its creativeness and "niceness"!

This morning, about 20 minutes ago, on the way to my 8 am Library computer, I had my coffee and newspaper at Goody's, here in Tallahassee. They have a TV on to the
CNN or fox channel. So here was that ad, as I looked up from my paper, it began.

While I saw it, there was so much other "busyness' in the cafe, I could not recall it all, what first impressed me was the graphics technique. A sort of "soft cell" cartoon, but not a cartoon for "kids". Nice colors and very impressive use of archetypes.
The story showed a young man graduating form college, from probably a business school, on to take a trip by plane to Europe. Then I was shown some of the scenes of his great successes in life, after he came back from the trip.
The CEO job, the marriage, the Promotion, the chairman of the board, the purchase of a mansion.
then another plane trip to Europe.

Then the next series of scenes revolved around this couple having their children, and then watching them grow up and leave home. Now he was getting older, both of them were in their 60s probably. There was a scene where he was walking alone down a road lined with trees with a glow of light at the end and he was nearly at this end of the road, [near the end of his life]. He then looked up at the sky
and he saw an airplane and this reminded him of his travel days. And maybe that
he could still travel to somewheres, life was not over, even at the end of his life, he could still say "yes" to life! The next scene showed he and his wife looking at a Globe of the earth with a pile of books on the table, in the reading room of the mansion; looking for a nice place to travel to. The last scene showed them both on a plane, bound for some nice place to visit.

the sponsor?
United Airlines.

I liked this ad.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Tallahassee late afternoon

Tallahassee late afternoon, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee late afternoon
late afternoon in the city of Tallahassee, florida. just a "snapshot" for my weblog, not much real "technique" here!

The quality of light, here in this city, makes for lots of good pictures.

Someone told me, who has a pro flickr account, himself, that he likes to go to look at a photostream where there are *just* snapshots of a city, taken here and there. For him, this makes the city seem more alive and "real", as the pictures are like of a journal of a life lived in that city. "Technique" pictures seem to take away from this "living feeling" for me!

Uploaded by freestone on 7 Nov '05, 10.28am EST.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

the calm between the ages

hi all....

There was a recent post where someone had gotten a strange Omen in a reading of the Stones.

The Omen looked "doom and gloom" big time!

So here I placed my own "take" on this Omen!

I have the feeling that between any great changing of the ages, both for small ages and the huge yuga ages of the Precession of the zodiac, there is a space "between the octaves" where things are actually QUIET!

a landing upon a long flight of stairs!

This is very similar, to me, of the "quiet before the storm, or of the change".

there is, at many Universities, just a few days before semester final exams, a few days called "DEAD DAYS". It is a day, two days, even a whole week, in slower times, when no classes exist. the library is open nearly around the clock.
This is a time that is AFTER the end of classes and BEFORE the exams.

"Indian summer".

time to chill out, to relax, to unwind, but more importantly, to inwardly prepare for the exams!

now on to my own Dreams about this.

a few months ago, i had a dream where i was walking along the road and then I tuned around to look, as I had just stepped over some disturbance in the road. There was some Voice in the background that spoke, just as i noticed this here crack running across the road. In fact this crack extened from horizen to horizen! it was not that the crack was wide, the crack was where on side had fallen down/risen up, about a couple of inches.
This Voice said something like, " the Great Change has begun, the ages have separated; but it has stopped and will remained stopped for the foreseeable future!"!

another dream......

this one was about a week later, near the beginning of this year. there was another woman's voice [angel?] who said that
...."The changes of the ages has stopped so that yet more souls
can yet get on Board"!

Indian summer. Thus whatever was to *be*, has been canceled or delayed!! I get this impression.

that whatever was to happen immediately after the "age has separated", has been placed on HOLD! "immediately" could mean a year, three years, seven years, or when-ever!

I am even beginning to ponder that *ALL* of those "terrible" events seen to come, the bitter snowy winter of 2005/6, the major storms, the earthquakes and tidal waves and volcanoes, will also be delayed, to the Consternation of all of the Seerers on this forum!!

maybe the only events that will occur will be the usual stuff, stuff of the last 40 years, small local events, an earthquake here, a storm there, a riot somewheres else.

so what am I going to do with this indian summer of Extra Time?
I will think of something, after a bit of prayer. I will resolve, for one, not to dwell on the negative possible outcomes, even if a small "tidal wave" of "little old worry-wort" ladies around me tend to sweep me away with their collective thought forms!

since i know that the tombstone is a door, i will try try to live as if i am in heaven now, before I die, not so easy a task as it looks, living in a time of
newspapers and of the internet!


Thursday, November 03, 2005

South Dakota

South Dakota, originally uploaded by Oldhamer.

South Dakota
1880 Town - South Dakota

Uploaded by Oldhamer on 13 Sep '05, 7.38pm EST.

I grew up on top of a high hill prairie, sort of, in the Finger lakes region of upstate ny. I could see for 50 miles or more on a clear day.
A "balm" for me, now, to see photos like this, as I live in a nice city but there is the fact that i live right at downtown and the taffic never ever stops and the view is often to just the next house!

but i Paid the Price, of this open space as the winds blew 30 mph or higher at 20 or 10 degrees far. all winter long! Blizzards!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Yes, I had a small experience just a minute ago, on the way upstairs to this computer, a small experience that shows to me yet again, again, how "interpretation"
overcomes a bad "observation"!

There is a security signin desk at the front of the state building, as this library is one of the Florida capital state buildings. Each person has to sign in.
I could not find a pen to use. The security guard muttered about how the pens disappear very very often.

Now *this* is the Moment when many people will say something like of this: "yes yet
another observation on how life is going downhill fast! Everyone STEALS, and nothing now is safe, why baaaaack in *my* day, why I could leave my pocketbook on the table for days and no one would take it"!
[yet another Load placed upon our collective camel's back of "how awful life has become these days"!]


Here I Took Charge! I told the guard, right then, "Since each of us all train ourselves, from grade school onwards, to, whenever we use a pen, to be sure to take it with you, so that you will not leave your pen at the desk and thus go through 25 pens a month! Soon this habit becomes unconscious, thus if four people sign in or out together, talking to each other, being distracted, the Habit will, of course, win out, and the pen will be taken as the signer will think unconsciously that the pen is his and that he will not want to lose his pen yet again!"

The guard laughed, having gone through a hundred pens himself, by leaving his pens behind at uncountable tables over the years.

There. Through interpretation and Understanding, a "negative" is defused! I can well sense that if a person always takes the "negative" stance, at every possibility, soon there is a mental mass of nothing but negative thought-options left, in the person, in his soul; all of the positive possibilities of interpretations have now been pruned off, so that at each and every little "event"
where a interpretive choice is to be made, the person has *only* the negative
"arrows" in his mental "quiver box", on his shoulder, to use!

little old bitter ladies and paranoiac negative old men, are "CREATED", not so much as "born"! "Created", as for their whole lives, they only chose the negative interpretations!

You can see this in the politics critics, in the religious ranters, the little old ladies, the prophets who see only Doom for America in the immediate future.

Thus ONE thing that I can do, to lighten the collective and personal "load", of these negativities, is to try to interpret each and every event to the "positive", let alone doing good for my soul, as it "takes 10,000 chips of the chisel, to make that sculptured head out of the marble, in the sculpture's studio, just a few poor strokes will not affect that head much, as there is still time to change that stone; but if all of the chisel chippings are "off", that head will look awful, at its finishing, as the head is the culmination of all of those 10,000 chippings of the chisel! Takes your whole lifetime to make your soul, then that Face will go With you, to the "judgment room"! [in that room is only a mirror, not a panel of Judges!]

"Think locally" to affect your soul, maybe even the "globally" will then be affected!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

getting ready for supper

getting ready for supper, originally uploaded by freestone.

getting ready for supper
Here at Georgia Belle, the workers and volenteers are getting supper ready.
[Yes i know, this photo will not win awards for technicalness, but I take photos for the journalness of my life, as well as for photoquality!
I live here. i eat supper twice per week and i help out one day of the two. Tonight the supper is lasaunia, a very good lasaunia too. Some people come for all the weekly meals, other pick and choose, tonight there was about 40 to 50 people eating.
ten years ago, i would never have thought that I would live here: many of you all will find that as you grow older, you might like an "Independant living facility" too.

Uploaded by freestone on 1 Nov '05, 6.12pm EST.

I was waliking through mcdonalds with my burger, the other day, and when i sat down, i noted a man who weighed maybe 300 pounds slowly walk with his cane across the room.

"terrible choices", i call it. a Rational person might suggest that he lose some weight as the pounds weigh heavily on his old knees. But for him, maybe food is far far more important. i have learned, in my older age, that what is not important for one person, is critical for another.

I knew of a person who had such a stress filled job that his habit of smoking three packs a day was by far far far the healthiest habit that he had! the only way to cope with his stress was to smoke: a counselor agreed with me on this one!!
Oh, i suppose he could quit, but he Chooses.

I have begun to have a saying...

"Choose anything at all, but all choices have Consequenses"!

Corollary: "in every choice there are compromises, you have to weigh one against the other to see if the consequnces are worth it"!