Tuesday, December 27, 2005

xmas day tallahassee 2

xmas day tallahassee 2, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee, florida. Taken on Christmas day, about 11 AM, looking to the north.

I feel a sense of mystery here. There is the greyhound bus station, to my rear, about a block away, and often travelers, on a bus change break, go outside to smoke or to stretch their legs. they will see Tallahassee scenes like of this one, and I wonder what goes through the hearts and minds, of these people?!
Many are from the cold North, this scene might be their first exposure to the subtropics. The "lushness", the "green", the mysterious old mansions: what kind of life is lived here, in these old houses? What does living in a place, with daily scenes like of this one, do to one's Soul?!

I see that some people, who live here, open up to Art
and the expression of Art. others Are Afraid, they become ever the more Conservative, in a kind of Reaction! For living here would surely "urge" one to live in kind, to "Live Lushly"!

I live, myself, about a block or two
away from this scene. All of the "Xmas day photos", near this photo, where taken within one block from here.