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a remote viewing site.
here are some of his titles for his articles.

Pru's Articles

Art and Remote Viewing
Aurora Bomb RV Lessons (pdf file)
Intro to The Intergalactic Bathroom Enlightenment Guide
It's not just your mind, people!
Many Names
Me and My X-Ray Vision
Me, I'm a Radical
Multi-Agent Systems and Remote Viewing
My Department of PreCrime
Observations on Life
On Being an Intuitive Evangelist
Remote Viewing Pitfalls
Remote Viewing: The Science
Six Things That Remote Viewers Should Keep
Tastes Like Chicken
The Four Types of RV Imagery
The Grey Dude
The Secret Weapons Against Criminals
Thoughts on Process
What the heck is RV?
When the Training Stops, the Learning Begins...
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From 1997 - 2003, I was the Director of TransDimensional Systems, which provided information solutions to corporations and individuals using an array of alternative and paranormal services including remote viewing, knosomatics, intuitive counseling, technology transfer, consciousness mapping, physical profiling and other techniques. TransDimensional Systems also did considerable work in the areas of humanitarian and environmental efforts.

This site is an archive of my written works. I hope you enjoy it! I am no longer in the public remote viewing field, and will not be answering inquiries.

I am currently writing, thinking, racing triathlon, and having a good time!
Writing, triathlon, science, science fiction

looks interesting: anyone who is interesting in remote viewing should read these articles!