Thursday, December 15, 2005


peace, originally uploaded by freestone.

the wind is calm, i was just outside. Reminds me a bit of the photos of the mayan temples in mexico, looking from the top of the pyrimid.
The temperature is about 95 degrees, of course.

What you see, here, is the canopy that is overtop of a city, tallahassee, fla! Under those trees
are houses and apartments.

I get the "sense" from looking at my photo, of a summer day in South Georgia, an old black farmer is out under the sun with his mule, plowing his land. he stops for a moment and wipes his sweaty brow, and to also give Thanks to the Lord for his crops; he looks off into the distance to the old frame wood church, under the trees, near the edge of his land. He and his family go there every Sunday. he looks at his church, under a sky like this, and ponders Life and Death and meaning, none of this "pondering" is in "modern intellectual ways", more closer to the
Zen monk way of meditation, out in the monestary gardens

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