Saturday, December 31, 2005

I had a very interesting walk the other day!

As I walked along this quiet street about 9 am in the morning, I saw a carpenter's truck sitting in front of a house, I could tell that someone came to do some work on a nice small house that was bought last month. The truck owner was leaning against the side of his truck, as I approached, he turned to say "hello". Only he did not really say hello!
What he did was to Dump upon me his anger, his anger about his helper not showing up on time, the very very first thing he says to me was, "you cannot depend upon help these days at all"!
---more anger, more dumping, followed. He complained about how no one *works* these days and everyone is lazy.

I, as he dumped, looked at his face. I could see his Pain, also I could sense a history of drink and alcohol, and emotion never ending, usually in "how awful things are"! A Near-ruined face, full of pain and complainings.

I made Good Excuses to wander on down along the street, I tried to find a good analogy as to what I sensed happens with his workers.
I once knew a man who wondered a bit why he seemed to drive people away, he did not think that just because he worked in a dairy cow barn with 100 cows, at some "low esteem" job, would do it! Of course after years of cows he never ever notices the smell of cow manure! Of course this smell saturated everything that he owns and wears and is also in the very cracks of his skin: no mere shower or bath will even begin to remove this smell, a smell that everyone smells even 50 feet from him!
*That* is what drives people off, and He Does Not Even Know.
So here is this construction company owner who has a bad temper and cares little for his employees, and blames them for all of the problems and they "need" to come around: then he wonders why they quit in a month and drag their heels in coming in to work! I could have probably stood there for over an hour, alone, just hearing just his anger; probably if I was a worker, I could never ever do anything right!

[always interview your boss-to-be, at a job interview, the opening you are filling might be for a good reason! Be sure that your boos is a good person as he is an "employee" to you, in your own Act upon the stage of life, you have to live with him and the working conditions!]

Here is a very good lesson, a lesson in how a "room temperature thermometer inserted into a cup of very hot coffee, will never ever get an Objective reading of the correct coffee temperature, as this cool thermometer will cool the coffee as it sits in the coffee"! ---one conditions the reality around one's self!