Friday, December 09, 2005

from Cornell university live camera,
my hometown is just above that little strip of snow at the top, across the lake!
40 to 100 inches a years.....

---a letter that i will insert into all of my 6 or so xmas cards!

Hi all....

Here I sit, Christmas 2005, at a library computer, writing a bit of writing so that I can print this out to include in my Xmas cards to my relatives and friends.
I do not like the idea of "mass mailings" in my cards but my writing is so so poor that no one can read what I write at all! But I type at 5 words per min so there *must* be just one typing for all!

my sister's writing was so poor, that in her social work MSW position, she could write a confidential client memo and leave it on her desk and go for lunch and that memo would be perfectly safe, no one could read it!

My Christmas weeks are full of 1000 little events, where I live in Tallahassee and at my senior residence at Georgia belle apartments. I see lots of embraces and huggings, the relatives come often to see their children.
my walks in a subtropical location are often very nice. I come from a place where they get 40 to 100 inches of snow a year, tis nice.

I remember the christmasses of my past, the childhood xmases and the ones from the 90s when I lived near my aunt in upstate new York. But today, I have no children or wife, I live alone and I like that. My gift givngs tend to be just to mail out cards to a few people.

my only "advice" would be to appreciate one's health and to appreciate what it means to have to celebrate the birth of Jesus and what that would mean to one's own personal life. Then, to appreciate all of the little things in life, to take time to slowly meander through life as there are goodness in the details.

thus have a good year to come, with this in mind....