Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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hi all....

Here I will lament a bit over my tv experiences!

I was at the local best buy store last week, and I saw two televisions on sale.

One was a Toshiba 24", the other was one of their Insignia housbrands, no reviews on *this* one anywheres, a true "pig in a poke"!

Both had component, s-1 video, progressive.

I first went with the Toshiba, it ranks up there near the top, i discovered, for picture quality.
rate of rapairs too.
it is very very hard for me to check out the picture in a crowded store with 40 tvs all around me! i tried my best there, and i bought it.

I set it up.
I play only ps2, xbox, and other console games on whatever tv that i would end up with, thus i need to sit closer to the set than of someone who watches, say, a movie.
I sat to play a ps2 game. Within about 5 to 10 minutes my eyes felt like they had been dragged though sand! Oh the eyestrain!! I went to bed, now, at 9 Pm. even the next morning my eyes felt terrible, and for half the day too!!

[i recall when the very first color tvs came out, most of them had it where even ten minutes of watching, i would be nearly blind for an hour afterwards!]

I returned this set. Oh the picture, even at s-1 video, was incredible! so clear, nearly 3-D!
But at a terrible price.

I then got full credit on my return, best buy now has their act much much better together, when i returned it.
i then now have the Insignia 27". the picture is "so-so". OK, not great. but i can actually LOOK at the screen for an hour and it is as if i was watching a blank wall, no eye trouble at all.

[I had found that the slyvania series also is good for my eyes, maybe there are more out there, probably all of the Sony tvs are also off limits to me too, another good rated picture tv.

so here i lament that i have to watch a so so tv, rather than a good tv, and i bet i am only one of the few people with this vision problem! it is the "tube' itself, not the content or the motion on the screen, that does this to me.

I wonder how long this Insignia will last, compared to sony-toshibia? i am afraid to find out!

there are no reviews on this huge 100 lb monster of a tv.

but i can live with it, even though there IS a slight problem that seems to be with this tv.

there is a faint stationary moire/herringbone pattern over the whole screen and it appears only in dark areas of my games and in component and s-1 video. not on the snowy tv channels.
i have tried to plug directly in the wall, make sure all other electronics are off, no good, it is still there, this pattern does not move. I live on the 5th floor facing a mile away a formidible police radio tower, one over 100 foot tall. my senior center of 160 residents, the am band is full of circuit noise from the electric circuits, and the radio fm picks up all of the noise of the antenna.
maybe though it is an adjustment inside of the set i need to make, but i cannot just carry a 100 lb set back for repairs even under the year warrentee, i have no car!

is there any way that i can remove this pattern from my screen easily?!

ah well....

maybe someone here can help with my morie and share any info on the insignia tv series!