Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another attempt at trying to write an xmas card!

Hi all, you that I seem to be so far away in, in time or space, or both!
It is Christmas time again, where does the time go? Now it is Xmas 2005, and I never ever have the time to carefully write out a card so that my writing can be read.

I give thanks, this year, for my health and my living yet another year. For my friends, what few I have. For my city of Tallahassee too, the weather and climate suits me, as I *like* 100 days a year of 90 degrees! The sunsets are amazing and the sky is so soft and blue, there are mysteries here in Tallahassee that would keep me interested for life.

----for that is one of the major things about how to live, that one has to be *interested* in things, or else life is just like watching the clothes swirl around through the window of the washing machine!

As I have no kids, wife, family, and all of my relatives are 1200 miles away, Christmas is mostly in the "sizzle", the days beforehand when everyone is in a good mood and the stores all have carols and the sings at my residence, and all of that.
Xmas is usually a quiet day, but ah last year was the weather pits: 38 degrees with an all day rain! That type of weather is very rare here.

[my autism suffers as the librarians talk non-stop behind me as I try to type this out, so this one shot effort probably is not very focused!
yes, I have all day to do things and there never ever is enough time and I have learned that any little thing that I do takes up all day long!

so I wish everyone a nice year to come. I might not be able, so much, to travel much, in the years ahead, as the airplanes are so bad for my lung condition and the costs keep going up. Thus my wishes have to be somewhat distant, even the friends that I have in Tallahassee are so so so busy with their lives these days.

you got to have spirit in your heart and to be Saved is best. To have a direct hotline to heaven, a two way connection, always "on". I try to pray, on my walks, every day or so. "church" is not an option, the toxicness of church is because of all of the perfumes, colognes, etc...Why one day as I lived in my hometown, in the 90s, I walked to the gospel sing and the open door of this church had it where I could smell the perfume tow blocks away! And there were only ten people there! So my church is the 9 AM walk on Sunday, to the coffee shop, so quiet and no cars and traffic sounds. I then pray.

Thus my day, and my year, is filled with a million little events, no one can stand out, but I can talk for hours and hours on any one of them, need to write ten pages on anyone of them, so I will spare the ink, here, just believe that my life is interesting. My father often talked three to four hours non-stop and no one said one word, and when he had to leave, someone would utter, "too too bad Dudley had to leave: I wanted more"! I tend to be like that!

so have a good year to come.