Thursday, November 10, 2005


hi all...

on a prayer walk today, I had a sudden "seeing" of many many accidents and small disasters, many which will be odd and very very strange, that will happen from now till 2011/12!
It actually is "good news", if this occurs, even though many will not feel so!


a small story first, a true story.
My father was on his death bed in intensive care and my mother had a vision years before that he will die at 72 years old and he was now a couple of months into being 72! i did not even know of this dream of hers until i came back to be with him. But he did not die until a year later, as spirit gave to him a year of grace so that he could make amends with his son, me!
About the next month, his sister's mother in law, about ten years on her deathbed, died.
what struck me as "odd" was that i had the distinct feeling, even then, that my father was SUPPOSSED to have died on that date and the death fetcher angels were all ready to take him and then they got the word, "no"! "all dressed up and no where to go"! thus they had to expend all of that energy on something and that old lady was Ready so they took her instead of my father!

my "Inspiration on my walk"?!
---that there WAS to have been the beginning of the end times where every prophet/psychic has foreseen some very very terrible collective things happening, from now till 2011/12. tidal waves, killer hurricanes, astroids, you name it!

But that Grace has interveined and one of my dreams has it saying,"
Wait till as may souls as possible get on the Boat"!

so here 100,000+ archangels and angels are Poised to begin some terrible catastrophies, and then they all were Given The Word, "NO"!!

where oh where are they gonna put all of that energy, created from aeons
of 'getting ready"?! gotta discharge it somehow, and i saw how: that they will cause some "LOCAL" disasters and because so so so many angels are doing *each* small disaster, these accidents and disasters will be very *very* strange and odd!
.....a whole side of a california seaside hill slides into the sea, taking 30 people, this in place of having these angels take out the whole city of Los Angeles!

......a tornado, out of season, seemingly aiming as if Directed, through a trailer park, taking out 20+ people.

....strange one car accidents, no one gets hurt but the accident is "weird"!

....a meteor strikes a school, the size of a stone and it comes right through the ceiling of the auditorium on parents night, this stone rolls around on the floor burning holes in the wood floor freaking out all of the 400 parents! this in place of the rock that takes out London, say!

[the above are NOT predictions, just examples!]

stange weird happenings, all reflecting Things That Did Not happen!

be interesting to try to link up the events with what *was* to have occurred, the next 6..7..years!

Time to get all your life's work Done!