Monday, November 21, 2005

Since this master's prophecy was overwritten, and I am living beyond my lifescript's end, I have had
occasional dreams that warned me that I will not live long. Often vague as to time and place, there was little way that I could tell if these dreams were only "psychological" or from a lower spirit world, even.

A few weeks ago, I had two impressive dreams, however...

1...I was shown that I have two old friends from the 1971 days of Hippiedom, one I have not seen for years, the other I know well, and see to this day about once per week. I was told that both of them would "soon let go of the grasp of the material world, but that I would hold on until the END"!
["END" stated in a certain "grave" Tone of pronouncings!] As if this End infers some great score line across the path of collective mankind!]
inference: that both of these friends will die before me!

Then In yet another dream I was shown that I would live until late 2011 or early 2012.
I guess until the "end", the "Mayan 2011 end of the age"!
2...I sat before a Customs lady, an India lady, to process to move to India, in an airport, in this here second dream. I had this dream on October 26th. After she
signs the paper, she gives to me an Indian sweet roll for me to eat, and I eat it.
[in dream spirit language, this infers a Binding Contract"!]
she then tells me that my plane number is "85", and it is already there at the airport but it is waiting in line to take off.

["85", to me is a personal number that infers one meaning to me, something meaning my probable death!]

I look up at the signboard to see how long I will have to wait, there was a set
of numbers across the top of the ticket counter, white screens from 1 to 12. The 10th one was lit up and some of the light "bled" into the next screen, the 11th screen.

[October 26th of 2005, the 10th month, almost the 11th month. If there is one month per count, the 85th month will make it about janurary 2012!
PLUS: Jan 25th of 2005, where Sai baba's memo book indicated the "rollover of the age", my possible death, the count has it where the 10th month from January of 2005 is October of 2005.

Probably an event of collective magnitude having to do with 2011/12, as I am supposed to be here until the "end"!

so I might have about six years left, six years to seven years of being on my life-stage after the Acts are done with: I wonder if I can do any "Encores"?