Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"the ripples from a dropped stone in a still pond, go out and out and out"!

I was just reading that the pipa forums was HACKED a few days ago, they lost a bunch of posts and the forum itself might have to, the moderators say, might have to change to another server and change completely!

do not the doers of this have any idea of how many people they hurt, by this thinkless action. The ripples from a dropped stone go out and out and out, then after one dies, they all come back, in the same vibration that they were sent of on!

One day, a few years ago, the cafe, in this capital city Tallahassee, I came to it for the 7 AM coffee, only to find it closed! This was Friday morning and Thursdays, in this college town, is Party Night and most of the workers there were students. No one came to open it up! Probably all of the kids stayed up till 5 am. The owner, I learned later, came in at nine
am, to open it up and he does catering to all of the law offices and the state offices, where the stuff has to go out by 8 AM: no one had their coffee and bagels *this* morning!

So on Monday, I told the owner a story, I made it up.
[story] : one of those catered breakfasts, with coffee, goes out on Friday to the county court house, and the judges, jurors, layers, have their coffee and bagels. On *this* Friday, a trial was concluded for a
man who did something nasty, and on Thursday they found him guilty. So today, at nine am, they are supposed to determine his sentence length.
By 8:30, they all were in a bad mood, the breakfast did not come, as the cafe was closed because these kids had their party. The coffee from the machine is terrible, and nothing else around to eat so then they all sat
to Determine his sentence in that bad mood!
this person could get three years to 15 years, on their determination, today he got the whole amount of time, 15 years.

[he might well have gotten much less, if everyone was in a good mood!]

About five years later, his wife got a divorce, she could not stand the aloneness anymore, and their son was now fatherless. The next guy that she married was an abuser, the son grew up not so good! In fact the son became a troublemaker and five years later the son shot and killed someone!

Soon, if not later, in due time, all of the students die of old age or of whatever, and then they have to sit on the "judgment seat" in heaven, for their lives. All of them are told, one by one, as each sits there, that there is a trace of MURDER in their records, as now each of them has to at least visit the "murderer's hell"!! Too, they have to help that boy who shot and killed a person!

each of these students "had their thumbs on that gun's trigger", as this boy went bad and the problem began when these students had their party and thus 500 people were affected OUTRIGHT, by their not coming to open up the cafe at 6 am so that over a hundred people did not get their
catered breakfast and over a hundred people had a bad mood morning, and Decisions were made in the Bad Mood!!
Thus in a very real sense they were partly responsible for that criminal's son's shooting! By that time, the ripples of that party must have affected 10,000+ people!

Now after death, those ripples must all come Home, back to that Stone that fell in that pond of life!