Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Once in a while, on TV, I see an ad that really impresses me as to its creativeness and "niceness"!

This morning, about 20 minutes ago, on the way to my 8 am Library computer, I had my coffee and newspaper at Goody's, here in Tallahassee. They have a TV on to the
CNN or fox channel. So here was that ad, as I looked up from my paper, it began.

While I saw it, there was so much other "busyness' in the cafe, I could not recall it all, what first impressed me was the graphics technique. A sort of "soft cell" cartoon, but not a cartoon for "kids". Nice colors and very impressive use of archetypes.
The story showed a young man graduating form college, from probably a business school, on to take a trip by plane to Europe. Then I was shown some of the scenes of his great successes in life, after he came back from the trip.
The CEO job, the marriage, the Promotion, the chairman of the board, the purchase of a mansion.
then another plane trip to Europe.

Then the next series of scenes revolved around this couple having their children, and then watching them grow up and leave home. Now he was getting older, both of them were in their 60s probably. There was a scene where he was walking alone down a road lined with trees with a glow of light at the end and he was nearly at this end of the road, [near the end of his life]. He then looked up at the sky
and he saw an airplane and this reminded him of his travel days. And maybe that
he could still travel to somewheres, life was not over, even at the end of his life, he could still say "yes" to life! The next scene showed he and his wife looking at a Globe of the earth with a pile of books on the table, in the reading room of the mansion; looking for a nice place to travel to. The last scene showed them both on a plane, bound for some nice place to visit.

the sponsor?
United Airlines.

I liked this ad.