Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Yes, I had a small experience just a minute ago, on the way upstairs to this computer, a small experience that shows to me yet again, again, how "interpretation"
overcomes a bad "observation"!

There is a security signin desk at the front of the state building, as this library is one of the Florida capital state buildings. Each person has to sign in.
I could not find a pen to use. The security guard muttered about how the pens disappear very very often.

Now *this* is the Moment when many people will say something like of this: "yes yet
another observation on how life is going downhill fast! Everyone STEALS, and nothing now is safe, why baaaaack in *my* day, why I could leave my pocketbook on the table for days and no one would take it"!
[yet another Load placed upon our collective camel's back of "how awful life has become these days"!]


Here I Took Charge! I told the guard, right then, "Since each of us all train ourselves, from grade school onwards, to, whenever we use a pen, to be sure to take it with you, so that you will not leave your pen at the desk and thus go through 25 pens a month! Soon this habit becomes unconscious, thus if four people sign in or out together, talking to each other, being distracted, the Habit will, of course, win out, and the pen will be taken as the signer will think unconsciously that the pen is his and that he will not want to lose his pen yet again!"

The guard laughed, having gone through a hundred pens himself, by leaving his pens behind at uncountable tables over the years.

There. Through interpretation and Understanding, a "negative" is defused! I can well sense that if a person always takes the "negative" stance, at every possibility, soon there is a mental mass of nothing but negative thought-options left, in the person, in his soul; all of the positive possibilities of interpretations have now been pruned off, so that at each and every little "event"
where a interpretive choice is to be made, the person has *only* the negative
"arrows" in his mental "quiver box", on his shoulder, to use!

little old bitter ladies and paranoiac negative old men, are "CREATED", not so much as "born"! "Created", as for their whole lives, they only chose the negative interpretations!

You can see this in the politics critics, in the religious ranters, the little old ladies, the prophets who see only Doom for America in the immediate future.

Thus ONE thing that I can do, to lighten the collective and personal "load", of these negativities, is to try to interpret each and every event to the "positive", let alone doing good for my soul, as it "takes 10,000 chips of the chisel, to make that sculptured head out of the marble, in the sculpture's studio, just a few poor strokes will not affect that head much, as there is still time to change that stone; but if all of the chisel chippings are "off", that head will look awful, at its finishing, as the head is the culmination of all of those 10,000 chippings of the chisel! Takes your whole lifetime to make your soul, then that Face will go With you, to the "judgment room"! [in that room is only a mirror, not a panel of Judges!]

"Think locally" to affect your soul, maybe even the "globally" will then be affected!