Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I was waliking through mcdonalds with my burger, the other day, and when i sat down, i noted a man who weighed maybe 300 pounds slowly walk with his cane across the room.

"terrible choices", i call it. a Rational person might suggest that he lose some weight as the pounds weigh heavily on his old knees. But for him, maybe food is far far more important. i have learned, in my older age, that what is not important for one person, is critical for another.

I knew of a person who had such a stress filled job that his habit of smoking three packs a day was by far far far the healthiest habit that he had! the only way to cope with his stress was to smoke: a counselor agreed with me on this one!!
Oh, i suppose he could quit, but he Chooses.

I have begun to have a saying...

"Choose anything at all, but all choices have Consequenses"!

Corollary: "in every choice there are compromises, you have to weigh one against the other to see if the consequnces are worth it"!