Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I had, yesterday, a small encounter with "mind versus the heart"!

As I signed in at the library security desk, I noted a poster on the table.
It read: "the annual veterans free meal at the Golden Coral steak house, all veterans and currant duty military people come eat for free"!

The guard noted that I was looking at it, I replied to him that even though I was a Vietnam era veteran, I will not go because of how there might be 500 people in line and a very very packed restaurant, where the noise and the danger to my lungs from catching a cold/flu, my Lung Condition, would be too too much for me to bear.

He replied back, the Tone of his voice is hard for me to put into words, this
Tone was that of "you must go, for the sake of Honor to vets and the deep bonding, no matter what the price to health and sanity, for going"!

whereas my wording was of "MIND"!

"feelings" as in
....One is down to her last cent and then a close relative dies 1200 miles away and the funeral is tomorrow and the airfare is $1500 one-way, for a one hour notice ticket! Of *COURSE* she goes, the debt will ruin her for ten years, but that is the way it goes!
....[a true event!] Someone quits his job at the library, the mailclerk, his family
is in Newark, new jersey, and back around 1970, the riots were bad there. He is moving there to be with them. One of the Librarians warned him about the riots, I was in the same room with him, as he spoke the words, "my family is there", tears welled up in his eyes and poured and gushed down his cheek onto the floor!

I can sense now why in 1960, most southern USA towns had it where any changes or new ideas implemented, they were done by outsiders, mostly from the North! The south is large on "feelings", and a "feeling" is 'forever", so that no change is the very best way to go.
In the 60s, there was a civil rights demonstration in new Orleans and the marchers were pelted with bricks and rocks from the sidewalk watchers. Someone videotaped the parade so that the police could then see who threw the bricks. All of these bricks came from only ONE type of people: mothers with babies in arms or young kids by their sides! I guess the FEELINGS of "maternity" make all outsiders 'dangerous" to their kids!
[those who cannot rise above their archetypes and stereotypes, BECOME THEM ]

on the other hand, I have seen, mostly northerners, who are "engines running without oil"! Very literal minded, all facts and all data, they could talk for an hour about what they bought today at Walmart, every dollar and cent, item by item, minute by minute. Why once, in south Florida, I sat at a cafe counter and another man came in and sat by me and then he proceeded to tell me of his trip down from Chicago. He began his account as he left his driveway at 6;45, where he turned left on Jason street for three blocks and then he turned right onto 4th Ave, and then three blocks to McDonald's, at 6;51, and he pulled a hard right into the second open space, and walked 53 feet to the front door. Ordered a breakfast combo at $1.74, with OJ and three pats of butter and two salts and one pepper.
[I managed to stop him before he got ten miles out of Chicago!]
Like of a playback of a videotape, frame by frame, no observations, no feelings, no comments, no interpretations; just "literalness"!!

got to have a balance of both mind and heart.