Thursday, November 17, 2005

hi all...

So here is my little dream of a few days ago, and in it, to me, is an Incredible Bombshell of a prophecy, something that i will pray and ponder over, for months and months to come!

often, i find, that if i were to have a dream where some great disaster is to occur soon, that is not so: dream is only "psychological"!
[in dreams: 'apples" mean "pears", and "pears" will mean "apples"!]
But if a dream has a message about "XXX" then sometimes if an 'aside" is mentioned, and *that* little aside might be a bombshell of a message, like of this one that i will here post!!

yesterday, as i walked across the city graveyard, away from all of the traffic roar, only the dead for company, i walked where i could see the sun about to set, and then i had this strange strange feeling, a feeling as if from some Alternate reality, perhaps.
--That I was walking across an open field, on some road or path, being the only person alive, for miles and miles around, nearly the last man alive on earth, so alone.

This got me to thinking about the dream series of a few nights ago.

I was in a room where two of my friends were standing, a man and his wife [of 1971], two close 1971 friends, i still see him today, why just yesterday, but his wife divorced and moved far away and i have not seen her for 30 years!
Both of them, in my dream, were telling me, each of them, "I am going to
leave[drop] the attachment to Materiality soon". [the material world of things, money, etc.].
Then i said, "I will keep my attachment until the very very end, then i will drop this attachment too, immediately."

that was all of this dream, right that moment after i awoke, i had no idea.

There was yet *another* dream the earlier part of the night, this was where i met a "customs officer lady" at the airport counter, and she was India Indian and she processed my passport and assigned me my airplane as i am to move to India.
She tells me that the plane number is
"85" and that this plane has landed and is awaiting at the end of the runway for the planes ahead of it to come up to the boarding dock.
I then look over the passengar counter and note a series of numbers across the top of the wall,
there were about 12 or so of these numbers, 1-12 to maybe more.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 maybe.
the number "11" was lit up, but i could see that this light "bled" into the corner of the "12" glass.

two dreams in the same night; this means that they are linked together.
since the dream occured on October 26th, of this 2005 year, there was a clue!
the very end of the 11th month! near the very beginning of the 12th month.
there are now 75 more airplanes to go, as of october 26th, number 11 is now boarding.
One month per plane!

January 2012

to India, Bararta Land, maybe, the plane to heaven takes off with me on it!

so now i see what my two friends mean: "they will die before me"!

I will remain alive until the END!!

---*that* is the bombshell, for me, as the "end", here, is not my death, as such, or that death of my two friends.

"UNTIL THE VERY VERY END", to me, means the end of a period of Collective Time, where everyone's end comes, the collective "end of the world", or of 'these times"!

thus my two dreams is yet *another* take on 2011/2012!

Naturall Spirit could over-write this in a second, but this is now how i see my future, that my two friends will die soon [flu?] accident? [car accident?], but that i will live until the very end of the Age!