Saturday, November 05, 2005

the calm between the ages

hi all....

There was a recent post where someone had gotten a strange Omen in a reading of the Stones.

The Omen looked "doom and gloom" big time!

So here I placed my own "take" on this Omen!

I have the feeling that between any great changing of the ages, both for small ages and the huge yuga ages of the Precession of the zodiac, there is a space "between the octaves" where things are actually QUIET!

a landing upon a long flight of stairs!

This is very similar, to me, of the "quiet before the storm, or of the change".

there is, at many Universities, just a few days before semester final exams, a few days called "DEAD DAYS". It is a day, two days, even a whole week, in slower times, when no classes exist. the library is open nearly around the clock.
This is a time that is AFTER the end of classes and BEFORE the exams.

"Indian summer".

time to chill out, to relax, to unwind, but more importantly, to inwardly prepare for the exams!

now on to my own Dreams about this.

a few months ago, i had a dream where i was walking along the road and then I tuned around to look, as I had just stepped over some disturbance in the road. There was some Voice in the background that spoke, just as i noticed this here crack running across the road. In fact this crack extened from horizen to horizen! it was not that the crack was wide, the crack was where on side had fallen down/risen up, about a couple of inches.
This Voice said something like, " the Great Change has begun, the ages have separated; but it has stopped and will remained stopped for the foreseeable future!"!

another dream......

this one was about a week later, near the beginning of this year. there was another woman's voice [angel?] who said that
...."The changes of the ages has stopped so that yet more souls
can yet get on Board"!

Indian summer. Thus whatever was to *be*, has been canceled or delayed!! I get this impression.

that whatever was to happen immediately after the "age has separated", has been placed on HOLD! "immediately" could mean a year, three years, seven years, or when-ever!

I am even beginning to ponder that *ALL* of those "terrible" events seen to come, the bitter snowy winter of 2005/6, the major storms, the earthquakes and tidal waves and volcanoes, will also be delayed, to the Consternation of all of the Seerers on this forum!!

maybe the only events that will occur will be the usual stuff, stuff of the last 40 years, small local events, an earthquake here, a storm there, a riot somewheres else.

so what am I going to do with this indian summer of Extra Time?
I will think of something, after a bit of prayer. I will resolve, for one, not to dwell on the negative possible outcomes, even if a small "tidal wave" of "little old worry-wort" ladies around me tend to sweep me away with their collective thought forms!

since i know that the tombstone is a door, i will try try to live as if i am in heaven now, before I die, not so easy a task as it looks, living in a time of
newspapers and of the internet!