Monday, October 10, 2005

why i removed the "Face"!

--a post to a forum group, continueing the topic as to why i removed the "face of katrina" from the weblogs and photo fourums, due to "flamings"!

well I had, this morning, opened the face photo to "public" again, so that anyone can see it. then i uploaded it to the Community photos too, so it is here on this forum site, safe! under "interesting photos", i believe, i also added a better picture of myself, all 6 foot two, of me!

A "disturbing thought" came to me, today as to why perhaps I had the
"psychic attack"! i wondered why spirit let those astral souls do that, i
think i now know....

"listen to your heart" the Song goes, and there was something close to my heart that i forgot when those intellectuals flamed me!!

That I had seen, in my heart, that much of the "atheist intellectuals, in Europe and elsewheres, are only overbalancing the pendulum swing of
getting rid of "4000 years of Church OPPRESSION"!

I have found a terrible saying, over the years, a saying that i fear a bit would get me flamed ten times WORSE by people in this forum site who are Fundamentalist!!

Lines of my belief: can ye become Jesus-saved unless there is a you, there, to be saved with? it is not your family or your peer group that is saved, it is you!
---how can a Zen student get Enlightenment unless there is a "he" there to get enlightened with?
---how can you Transcend the ego unless you first get that ego developed, in all its Narcissic full throttle glory?!

"pajout's" theory of childhood: childhood comes in stages and if you miss one stage, you never can make up for it properly!

The ego is one stage, it must be achieved.

there is a concept that I learned, in 1993, in the 20 days in the hospital, the HEALING TEAM! the doctor, of course, but also the janitor, the dietician, the x-ray tech, and also this team must include MYSELF! I have to be part of the healing team too, i must monitor my meds, watch for errors, open the shades for the sun to shine on me, eat the foods, etc,,etc...

most Christains, i see, do NOT include themselves in the

salvational team.

The angels, Jesus, the saints are all There, but YOU have to be part of it too, and that means that there has to be a you there! too too many christians feel that jesus should do all the work!
this is where the Promethious comes in! "the bringer of self aware ego"!

in order to become properly Saved, you must have a good ego as you are not going to face god face to face some day, you are going to stand beside him as an EQUAL! ["ye shall be as Gods"!] "I do not want sevants, i want Equals"...[i think] Jesus speaking about the saved souls in heaven with the Father.

so, what does this have to do with flaming intellectuals?
---they are developing their ego. and their Mind too. ye cannot pour the wine of spirit into the Cup until there is a cup there for this wine to be poured into!! that is what they all are doing and all old fossilized dogma Must Go! no churchology, no icons even. even to the over-reaction of pure intellectual Hubris, this action must be done so that there is a good strong ego there!

i.e, how many "pentecostals" have you all known where there was no real sense of self; the family values are their values, this person says "we", when she is talking about herself! no one home, very emotional and often somewhat confused about "choices", as she or he cannot really choose anything as there is no one there to choose with! sometimes abused, sometimes self-depreciates, sometimes co-dependant.

I think i will change my signiture slogun!!