Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I dug this one out of my "autism" file. I once, recently, wrote this and posted it in some autism support list. This is the kind of thing that i find in my life, that i find interesting.

There are so so many litlte small things that i observe, and unfortunately i can talk for hours and hours on that one little thing as I "need to" as how in earth's name can i give to you a weather vane unless I build a barn for it, first.

[someone told me that one afternoon my father talked non-stop for 4 hours and no-one said one word, he did all the talking, talking about Indians, geology, history, myths of the Senecas, settlers, gold mines..etc..etc. When he had to leave, and when he left, someone said out loud, and he said it for all to hear as he was speaking for the whole group of ten men, assembled at the Interlaken Cafe for afternoon coffee,

"Its too bad that Dudley had to leave, I wanted more"!]


How can I give to you a Dance script, for the dancers to dance, unless I build the stage for it first: the background comes first, the actual event comes dead last, on the order of things!

"warming the Siamese". these "little things" are not to be put down as meaningless!

why i have often assuged the vibrations of an entire resturant, or even of an entire town for that matter, just by talking for a moment to just one waitress! Her Tone of voice echos the moral of all of the workers there!

I believe that the chocolate chip cookie, in the bakery window, on main street, in a small midwestern town, why how this cookie is made, is determined by the influences of everyone in the town, the weather, the climate, the economy, of ALL, for miles and miles, as if this cookie, as like of a halogram, contains all of the info for everything for ten miles in all directions around and in this small town, as a halographic image, the small snippit cut off of the one corner, why this snippit contains all of the info of the whole image! An Astute Student, of this "halographicness", then, could read the totality of this town by examining, and eating, this here cookie!


"the tv set warmed the Siamese!"

hello everyone!

here is a small story to warm your day, with....
i find that there are SO so so many of these here
amazing occurrances, in life....well worth the
experiencing and rememberings of them...


when i was in high school, about 1958, there was the
usual living room tv set. my mother had a siamese cat,
it loved warm temperatures, being a siamese cat. in
upstate new york... where summer is often over BEFORE
labor day...warmth is a precious thing.
this cat discoved the evening television. i mean
the warmth of the top of it, after it had been on for
a while. in those days, TUBES were used , about 30
tubes per tv. they would burn out at least once
perweek it seemed, in those days tubes did not last,
the tv repairman was a usual fixture in the
so about 7pm, the siamese cat would Hold Court atop
the tv, absorbing the heat like a siamese cat should!
once in a while it would discover the motion of the
actors on the screen, below, and would reach down and
try to swat or catch the moving images!
one day, i the middle of september, when the first
fall cold mornings had arrived, i was getting ready to
go out of the door to the 7;30 am bus that would pull
up on the road. the furnace was not yet on, as the
coal furnace was SO hard to get lighted, thus the
temperature was about 50 degrees in the house. so as
i was putting on my coat, i heard a PITIFULL meow
sound coming from the living room. i went into the
room to see the siamese cat pacing around and around
on top of the tv set! it was very agitated!!
----as if it were asking..."where is the warmth when
i need it the most?! this tv has ALWAYS given to me
the warmth that i need...WHERE oh where is it, i need

i turned the tv on, just as i left for the day.
...to warm a siamese.
probably left on all morning...to warm a siamese.
not its purpose, this tv...but it did its second job,
to warm a siamese cat!


a lot of life, i find, is like of that!
something has a Primary purpose....but often there are
Secondary porpuses too...often not in any way
connected to a "common sense" use of this something!