Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some of my dreams are strange, some dreams are weird, some I cannot even comment on!
Here, On the morning of the 26th of October, I began the first of two dreams.

ONE: I seemed to be in Sathya Sai Baba's Ashram, in India! Many many small events, but I learned somehow that this here Sai baba went to some city and then he went down into a cellar where there were workers who toiled in terrible working conditions with a real slave driver of a boss, probably these workers were of the low Caste group too!
baba told them that their oppression did not come from without, so much as their oppression came from within! Their own mindsets set them up for exploitations!
They believed that they did not deserve better, so they did not look for better, or to quit. Thus their Real problem was to overcome the oppressor within, their own self concepts!

TWO: this dream occurred after wards, by hours and a waking up. So why was I in an airport seeking an airplane to go to India when I was "just there" in my last dream only an hour or so ago?! I was going to move to India, in this dream.
[such "dissonance" in dream meanings usually infers that the meaning is utterly different: this trip is NOT about India at all, but something to symbolize India, perhaps]
The plane number was "85". I sat at a desk with an older India lady who checked all of my papers and tickets and Approved them all.
I then heard the announcement, in this airport, that the plane had just been checked and was waiting in line for boarding.
[the trip is ON, now Set!]
I noted that the departure board gave a number of "10" with a slight light showing in the "11" window.

Since I know what the "85" means, some number that is very very important in my life and it infers a space of time and years and of a kind of "doubling", as two things happened at the same time, *like*, "40 + 45 = 85", the "10" will have the same connotation.

Meaning: I will go to India in either a bit over 5, or 10 years from now, NOT to
physical India, perhaps, but to "Bhararta Land", their Name for heaven!

Either, thus, a death warning dream, OR maybe I will even go to India, but on this disability pension that I have, there is no way that I can even afford to
fly to the "non-stop" airport, let alone to India: would take both much more money *and* a very stable economy and earthchange world, before I could go there!