Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the plantation house

the plantation house, originally uploaded by freestone.

the plantation house
the Brokaw-McDougal house. An old plantation house that sits within Tallahassee, florida. Now the headquarters of the parks dept.
Interesting how this plantation once had nearly 1000 acres of land, on the outside of the old city limits, a 1880 city with 3,000 people. Today the city has 300,000 people and the property of this plantation is now about ONE acre, and the city utterly surrounds it! the high school is behind it, downtown is only four blocks away!
Still a nice park of a yard, still a nice house. The man who wrote "Tallahassee Lady", the book, was a new york times reporter who came here in 1880 to cover the Capital news[Tallahassee is the capital of Florida], and he passed this plantation often, I guess. He wrote this book, about a reporter, who came here to cover the capital news [a veiled autobiography!]! He fell in love with a lady who lived in perhaps this very house, in his book. She, and the very BEAUTY of tallahassee, and the surrounding area,
Opened his Soul, now he could Love and appreciate beauty, in a lady, and in his surroundings, and in his life, from then on! when he went back to new york, in his book, he now had an operating Soul!

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