Monday, October 31, 2005

hi all....

here on David oates site

of Reverse speech, is one of his aticles about his "spiritual stance".

a very, to me, interesting article.

Separate from these personal interactions, a higher collective intelligence was also operating. This intelligence used the operations of the Whirlwind to structure the process of human evolution and historical events so that a higher consciousness could evolve. At times, it seemed to structure life events so that people operating common reversed metaphors would find each other. Through the process of Oral Tradition, similar unconscious metaphors attracted each other through interactions in the Whirlwind. When these people met, they would exchange further personal metaphors that would unconsciously combine with other metaphors during the process of conversation and energy exchange.
This process of evolution seemed to be leading mankind towards an inevitable and unshakable confrontation with itself. The discovery of Reverse Speech was the most significant step yet towards this process. The unconscious mind was rising to consciousness and was calling for a unification of the whole. It was leading us back to ourselves, to the Light that lay within, and eventually humanity would begin to discover the source of energy that was contained within this Light.

From my research with Reverse Speech and my Christian upbringing, I understood this energy to be the Light of God that came from the deepest recesses of the mind, from an area even deeper than the collective unconscious in the timeless void beyond the Mist that Reverse Speech called Heaven.
With the arrogance of conscious blindness, we had given demons permission to reside in the Whirlwind that the light of collective intelligence had used to reflect Himself upon the world. And so the Light of collective intelligence was restructuring the historical events of human history through the pictures in the wind so the demons of the mind could be exposed.

---yet *another* warning about the Confrontation that lies ahead, not far away!