Monday, October 24, 2005

The Fat man!

The other day I came across an interesting scene. As I was sitting on the bus, at a stop a very fat man slowly climbed onto the bus. He was huffing and puffing, and then I noted that his knees were going bad.

---a flash of all of the "you oughta lose some weight, Bud, for your own good", came
from that ever present peanut gallery back in my head, the collective memories of all of the puritanical diet articles that I have ever read.

But I have a Take on this: I am beginning to have several bits of "philosophy", one of these is,
"everything has its pluses and minus, what you gain in one area, you lose in another and that *you* have to choose if the loss is worth it."!

maybe for that person on the bus, "food" is really very important to him! So important that his life would be totaled, if he lost weight.

I once "winced" at all of the Livejournal/Xanga journals about
"ana", anorexia! Xanga has now a webring system where their journals can be grouped under an interest system, I looked up "ana" and there was a webring with nearly
1500 members.
But even here I have seen the "soul" of ana! I can well imagine some of the ana teens, why one of them could say [not necessarily as a philosophy, perhaps, but as a unspoken comment]
"I am I, not you, family, kin, townspeople, country, humanity. Whatever you seem to give to me is a bit of YOU, overwhelming the "me". You want me to become you, to think, feel, do, what you think is best for me.
My stance is to reject this, as I want to be "I"! "Food" is such a powerful symbol of this dependency, a dependency that robs me of "me" as you want me to do this or that with my life for YOUR reasons! I would rather Fast, then eat bad food, I would rather die, if it takes that to be free of "you all"!

the trick of life is to choose, and choose where anything bad has a bit of good in it, and everything good has a bit of bad in it. You have to make the call, to choose
what to compromise