Saturday, October 01, 2005

death of new orleans

in a prophecy forum, someone wrote about how new orleans is Gone.

[quote=New Orleans.....A Ghost Town?

Unfeasibility of Rebuilding New Orleans?

The river is moving away from the city. The city is sinking because of its weight, because no upbuilding by new muck for many decades, because of being cut off from the fresh water, because it is sliding off a cliff (the Continental Shelf),

It makes you rethink New Orleans doesn't it? I for one am glad I got to see it before Katrina and Rita changed it forever. The street cars, the pastries, gumbo, and jazz, and don't forget the smell of coffee everywhere.....C'est dommage.


my reply....

I see an exonerable, non-stopible, law at work here.

1...a city, any city, grows and it is full of soul, new orleans especially full of soul, it is nearly the whole national soul, our music, our food...etc..etc...

2...something destroys it.

3...the only way it gets rebuilt is that it is done "right" acorrding to "engineer/$$$$ principles, and only the Big Boys can afford that.

4...the city is rebuilt, but SANITIZED of all of its soul!
Only the big boys can build this thing and the result is "grennwich west 1998" or "Coconut grove miami 1997", or

result: the soul is gone.

has anyone wondered if this whole huge thing, Katrina and new orleans, is a "SUPEROMEN" for America! that the end is near, our inner soul just died, and when it is revived artifically you get a


a braindead lady who was revived all right, but without a soul. thus a dead new orleans is where we all could go in 7 years, 2012!

our collective inner soul just died! we are "too near the event", yet, to see this , i suspect, thus I will be amoungst the first to write about this, here....
we will have a braindead new orleans, maybe the big boys will build an ultra-convention center with a huge casino annex, and save the french quarter "in aspec", a museam piece ala the Disneyland model, nice and sanitized for the tourists!
but dead in soul.
and *that* will make up the new new orleans, except for the living places for the servants and the ship port workers.

thus i now play the Violin, make this dirge, for the death of our inner soul, and i fear that soon the Body will be next, as often when the elder couple: the wife dies, the husband dies of a broken heart a year or so later!