Monday, October 17, 2005

"beaurocratic creep"!

---that is what I call it, a malady that affects every endeavor, every company, every country!

I was talking to the head librarian, just a moment ago, just as I entered to begin my 8 am computer session.
I was talking about how I read that in New Orleans that there were 100 levees that leaked, not 3! There were many levees that had up to five layers of fill, and each layer was controlled by a different agency! Then there were many levees where
there were horizontal sections, each under watch by different groups. There was no one over-riding control agency, all of this was mired, the article says, in a great bureaucratic mess, a political mess so profound that the gov. Study group was pessimistic that anything could ever ever be done about this!!
I talked to the librarian further about the high school principal who had a bright idea for his school but that he has to submit this idea to 52 different
agencies for approval first, and if just *one* of them fail it, the idea is DEAD!
[no wonder our schools are a mess!]
I had a friend who used to go to the Minneapolis Craft Fair every year, the first time there, in the 70s, his sign-up form was six inches long. Five or six years later, this form was SIX FEET long, so so many little rules to follow.

It seems to be the "law", I note, that all organizations soon become Bloated with bureaucratic rules, without exception!

I see, now, how America will Die!
America will die of "Hardening of the Arteries"! Soon, very soon, there will be so much bureaucratic rules that nothing ever ever can get done.
Soon, even your outdoor barbecue will have it so that before you have it, you have to get written permission from all of the people for five blocks in every direction: Asthma, you know, you would not want to send a four year old boy to the hospital with your charcoal smoke, or KILL him, would ya?!

I am beginning to come around to the idea of a "Antibiotic" to clear out this Kudzu Vine of "group-think-rules" beaurocratcy!

"The camel is a horse made by a committee"!

There has to be ONE MAN at the top, like if the levees in New Orleans ever want to get fixed right, appoint One Man, and if anyone under him has one percent of a disagreement, this dissenter will be fired in a second, so that everyone under him will be like of his "glove" on his hand, from his inner circle people down to the labors on the ground with their shovels! Then he and he alone is in charge of everyone and everything.

a committee did not start Christianity!

I also see, that in the greater Historical world, there has also been this "Antibiotic" at work, to clear out all of these laws that slowly choke a country, a...


One man rules, he kicks out, or jails, or exiles, all dissenters and he pitches the Constitution into the trash can so that he can write brand new Rules: HIS!

America has been blessed, for over 200 years, with democracy. I wonder how
this country will fare, if there are no ways to clear out all of the Rules?!
Unless Something is Done, soon, you will not even be able to pick your nose without written consent, or that if you want to paint you house a certain color, you have to get permits from 59 permitting agencies first?!