Saturday, October 22, 2005


My autistic brain had yet another little "rude awakening" to the Reality of what some people would call the "woman's mindset" in direction givings!

I think in images and imaginations, not in words, my high level functioning autism, or aspergers, has it where I think mostly in images, thus I am good at maps and

this lady told me that "Goodwill has moved, the thrift store is now in a new building across the street"

"good", I said, "I will go there".

Yesterday I got off of the bus at the stop right next to the old store.
I did not see a sign across the street. I cross the street and lo and behold, no goodwill store anywheres in sight, so I began to walk North, as that is the only direction possible as there are no south buildings.

I walked. walked some more: no Goodwill!

eeeeeventually I found it.

a MILE AND A QUARTER north, on the other side of the street!!
it was across the street from the Waccammaw shopping center, at least one mile north and I walked every bit of that mile.

she was abstractly correct: "just across the street"!

*that* is the trouble, this abstract mind, it Killed New Orleans, it kills our policy and it could kill me or you!

or maybe it is the "woman's mind"!

but I take things literally: across the street is across the street!