Monday, October 17, 2005


A reply to a letter from a friend who is Autistic at 40, or so, years old: he wrote a letter to the editor about an article about "nutty professors".

Then, my response:

Posted on Sat, Oct. 08, 2005

Re: "Academia: too tolerant of the 'nutty' professor?" (column, Oct. 5).

Mikita Brottman uses terms like "downright dysfunctional" to describe
those whom she .....

very good Jxxxx!

I did read the original article, somewhat, between the rattle of the busboys, the four people at the next table, the TV, the radio, the people getting coffee!

I did not see your editorial, as I say.


I have used this idea before....Why is the cane tip RED for the blind man when he cannot see it? That red is for US, so that we know that he is blind and might need help or sympathy.

with conditions like asthma or allergies or Autism, the Signals are not

either present or if they are, the signals are covered over by the Noise of the social interaction, and only show up when the conversation actually begins!!
most people think that "emotional social interaction" is NOT "neurological driven", that it is "psychology-only"!!

To me, that is where the Trouble begins with people dealing with autistic people!

a "boor".

a person who cannot make eye contact.

a person who fumbles the words or talks "funny"

---everyone feels that problems like of this is a psychological condition only, which ALSO infers, in the same breath, that "if the person has a psychological condition", it is TREATIBLE!

"he can snap out of it with proper counselings or he can take drugs for it"!

Thus the poor adults who have a "children's condition", adult high level functioning autism, or the Asperger's variant of this condition, are always like of the blind man without his red tipped cane! No one can sense that he has a problem communicating until he does so, then it is too too late! Of course he gets blamed for "dropping the ball", as this autistic person, in the group of talkers, is the only odd one out!

I have gotten more used to offending everyone that I talk or write to, eventually, over the years! I not only think out of the box, I have trouble thinking *in* the box, when I "need to"!

so I, with my High level functioning autism, see and experience the world differently than most....I like that, but do not ask me to play the "dating game",
or even the "relationship" game,
or to

"grow up", as I know full well that I will always be "ten years old", as I was once ten years old and how can one, I wonder, just leave something behind, that once exists, be like denying the meal that you ate yesterday, you DID eat it, did you not, thus my ten year oldness is *just* as there as my 64 year adultness!