Thursday, October 20, 2005

As I left Georgia belle apts, where I live, about 7 am, just at dawn, I saw one of the senior residents walking to her bus stop, where I often see her walk there, she must work part time somewheres. She was carrying her umbrella with her.
So here it is, an utterly clear day, she was bring her umbrella with her, if I were to ask her, she might say, "you never know"!

The couple next door, why the air conditioning was out for repair, the other day, and his wife was telling me how he nearly has to go to the hospital as the hot [75 degrees] air was making it hard for him to breathe! Too too many heart attacks and strokes with COPD!
[I know of at least two ladies, here, who take 20 different pills first thing in the morning, one each for 20 conditions!]

I am reminded yet again and again of how when people get ever the older, they must ever get so Conservative! Many seniors are like of "hot house plants in a greenhouse, in January in Chicago"! eeeeeeeverything is dangerous to them, why one could fall and break a hip and DIE, at any moment.

I read of an article my a scientist who lamented, at about 40 years of age, how there was only Mozart and one other classical composer, plus on particular CD of modern soft rock, that he liked, anymore! No other "new" music did he like, at all.
He wondered why? Then he and his colleagues did Research and that they found that
the average age for when "new music" was not enjoyable anymore, was


Furthermore, they found that the cutoff age for most new experiences was even younger than that!! Most people, around 30 years old, shut down taking in any new adventures, they make "final choices" that decide all future choices!

I find this a bit depressing, but I see this at Georgia belle all of the time!
do any of them like rap/hip hop? Do any of them play playstation games?
Now I can understand why they would not like rap, but how about a psONE, or ps2 console? They have the TV already, and you can get a playstation 1 for $20, nowadays! Thousands of games for it.


---that is it, the mindset. A "game" is for them Bingo, or Canasta or Puzzles or Bridge.

I wonder why I like games of consoles and New music, at 64 years of age. Or why that 80 year old computer programmer loves to play complicated RPGS, as the clerk at Electronics Boutique told me of this man, once.

I guess that in my case, in maybe other cases, the Tree keeps sending out new Shoots!
these trees of our souls are always "young" if the leaves keep sprouting from the new growth. A plant that stops growing is a plant that will soon DIE!