Tuesday, September 20, 2005

you do not want *this* nightmare!

hi all...

another freestone special, a dream that no one would ever ever want!

comes in two parts.

1...I am driving my car along the road, enjoying the scenery. Soon, the road dips down a hill and turns. As i go down it, suddenly around the bend is a pile of dead logs. I crash through them, then my pickup truck goes off of the road, and stops overtop of a huge dead log, i see that my truck is TOTALED! I turn around in my seat to peer at my workshop that is in the camper in the bed of the truck, i just know that i will have to walk away and leave all of my stuff behind forever!

MEANING: this one is easy, around the bend of time is my death, I will take nothing with me! There is a Twist, though, that might not seem
obvious! In the shop are golden bottles, referring to the contents of my soul. these ALSO will i have to leave behind! I will not even have the contents of my soul with me when i enter the afterlife!

2...I walk up to a large house and inside it is a large gathering of people in a churchlike setting. This is a "cult" of some kind, and my old friend of 30 years is there and he wants me to join the meeting. My friend is a bit "authoritive/soccer coach" of a person, in life, here in the dream he wants me to become one of "them", the cultists. I react, i leave the room.
As i leave the building, i walk through a room where the floor is covered with the urine of all of the people who pee there, all of the cultists. Somehow, this stuff gets all over my clothes.
Then there is another scene where i *could* have joined up with them, I essentually "merge" with all of them, no identity.

MEANING: In light of the first segment, i find this disturbing, in light of what I have been doing in my other dreams of the last ten years: dreaming other people's lives, in my dreams! I use other people's images, of their daily earthly lives, and of their daily lives in the after life worlds too, if they had died!

I am tempted to interpet this lovely little nightmare as a nightmare of the "Ultimate" variety: that I will, upon arrival in the afterlife, after i die, i will not exist as "freestone", i will live only through other people's lives!
And...not as "obsessing or possessing", but AS that other person! Go from person to person, have no body, no home, no personal identity! Thus I will experience anyone's images as my own, which means, sports fans, that i will experience *every* form of life experiences, from the highest good to the lowest evil, AS my own experiences!

One of the implications, for what is left of my life, at 64 years of age, is to know that i will have to be much *much* more "liberal left; all values are equal and have equal validness" than any "liberal" would even have!
take an extreme example: a man rapes a young lady. I, living his life, on earth or in the afterlife, would have to know and to expereince doing this, and also know that his reasons are just as valid, in his own eyes, as the girl not wanting to be raped!! that his position is *quite* valid, after all, he did it! I will then Know and feel his valid position as to why this girl is to be raped.
No wonder that i have urine all over myself, in the dream: everyone's shadow will be Mine too!
Guess I will know the Hells very very well, after I die!

I get lots and lots of dreams like this, i will write more of them as time goes by!