Tuesday, September 20, 2005

three nice ladies

three nice ladies, originally uploaded by freestone.

three nice ladies
Three nice ladies from where I live, Georgia Belle Independant living Apartments. They are some children's grandmothers. I eat supper with two of these ladies, grandmothers from the old south. Could be yours, you might have a grandmother somewheres. Or that you *could* become a grandmother/grandfather, some day! In fact the middle lady has one of her sons working here as a security guard! Often they go back to their small southern towns to be with their children and grandchildren.
They sit under an awning in the Apartment park, the afternoon shadows cast across the grounds below the awning.

Lots of Love here, with the people of Georgia belle! I see whole families come on Sunday, with even children. I see hugs and enbraces, in the lobby. Kids and grandkids eat with Mother in the dining room. I say "mother", as 80%
of the residents are women. Some seniors are active and Doing Things, others more or less wait on the rocking chair for the Hearse to come by and pick them up! You end up, at 70, the Distilation of your 50 years of adult life, your character is now Revealed!

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