Saturday, September 10, 2005

tallahassee: come live here!

tallahassee: come live here!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Katrina refugees, "heads up", I post this
"non-hurricane" photo, in the katrina groups and forums, as Tallahassee has many many "for rent" places to live, a city 400 miles east of New orleans!

Tallahassee, Florida. Here is a peaceful street, I could indeed call this photo, "the quiet after the storm"!
The afternoon shadows cast across a quiet street, in a moment, out of the green car, came a lady with her 5 year old little girl. A nice place to live, here in this city; lots of service jobs, lots of other jobs, even though the pay is not as great as in "union" cities, but the Peace of Mind might well be worth a lower salery.
Tallahassee has a very very large black population too, with the A and M University, plus the other streets, the black population is about 30 to 40%, here, out of a total population of about 300,000, in Leon county. [I write this as I read that many of the refugees are the black poor!]
Around the corner, of this steet, is a large apartment complex, with a "for rent" sign. Down the steet, and along the many blocks, out to the Border's coffee shop, where I walked to, this saturday the 10th, are
many more apartment complexes with for rent signs. one Complex has a sign that is six feet high, with ten flags...."rent me"!
There have been SO many "dormaplexes"
built here, for the 70,000 students at the three universities, that many of the students that normally rent the older apartments on the east side of town, have moved there.

there are hundreds of apartments for rent in tallahassee, ye Katrina refugees!
Offices too, many many business offices for rent too, in this Capital city of florida.
the hills are 150 feet high, little floods.
I give now some numbers, but call the tallahassee
chamber of commerce as the numbers that I give, here, are only for the largest apartment complexes.
850-224-8116 chamber of commerce

here are some of the larger apartment complexes, and house rental offices.

All with a 850 area code.
224-5916 [a big one]
523-6100 [century reality]
222-2000 [office space]
402-9000 [cheap apts and houses]

yes, come live here!