Thursday, September 22, 2005

soaking Rita

soaking Rita, originally uploaded by freestone.

soaking Rita
I later walked back up, took the picture at the 5th floor landing. rained for over an hour. The radar map reveals that this rainband *was* indeed part of the circulation of Rita, and it formed overhead of this part of Florida, over 500 miles from the center of Rita. the security guard did not believe me when I told him, on my way to the tv, that this rain was a Rita rainband. he came with me to the tv and just then the waether channel had the radar for the southeast, and he says, "good grief, you are right"!
I could Tell that this rain was "different" from normal rains and rainshowers! It had the "feel" of Katrina, Denis, Ivan....hurricane rain", as i stood watching the rain on that street, last photo back! In fact that street photo is a near duplcate of the same scene with Katrina!

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