Wednesday, September 28, 2005

a small study in how a prophecy went bad

hi all...

As i was watching the tv news, over my 7 am coffee, i nted the news: "the ten dollar bill will now get a new makeover, like of the $20"!

*this* reminded me of a prophecy that a famous prophetess made, a few years ago.
She said, somewheres in the 80s or early 90s, that
"I see the vision of a different kind of US money demoninations, this means that the US currentcy will very soon be devalued, better invest in Gold, Now"!

This little prophecy error really gives to me a Lesson in how Prophecy Goes bad!!
---this is where someone Sees correctly, then the person places his/her own "Spin" on what will occur!
She was Given an image of a radically changed US bill, the picture of it was so different from what the present large bill looked like that she thought immediately that the government is going to devalue the money and issue different notes for all of the demoninations! Then she gave this all out as HER seeings!
"thought immediately", then she made that thought part of the Prophecy prediction, as *if* it were part of the Message that came from her Source!

78,051 little old ladies and nervious people then got even the more nervious!

In a sense, this prophet person was of little help to us all.
now i sense what this person saw: the government program to make the larger bills much more difficult to counterfeit! Would be disturbing indeed, to see psychicly that huge picture of the guy on the bill, compared to the old $20!

It is so easy!
So easy to think about what was Seen, or experienced, then add your own interpetations; in Dream Visions even the more so!

Even in my own "tryings" to separate the vision from my own slants, i wonder how many times that I have written out my experience where people think that my interpetation is part of the experience?!