Thursday, September 29, 2005

religious painting

Yesterday at the Florida state library and museam, they installed in the lobby a series of paintings done by modern "almost muralists", about 20 people represented. i was impressed with one person who had a picture represented, Robert Roberg.

He painted a series of pictures on the Book of Revelation, there was one shown.

It was GONE, the next day, they replaced it with another artist's photo.

Ah well...At first i thought that it was the "standard" tale of a State agency not liking anything "religious" in the exhibit.
then i read the writings on his site.

So here I am with a different Jesus. My Jesus is different from what 99.99% of the Christians believe in, and 100% different from what the Muslims, Jews, Bahais Hindus, Thais and Voodooists believe in. Now against such odds a reasonable person might be willing to say "I might be wrong." So let me say it, "I might be wrong." But as I read the Bible, the Jesus I see taught his followers to practice universal love, non-violence, peacemaking, gentleness and to overcome evil with goodness and kindness and prayer. My reading has further convinced me that he was a man, and not a God or demi-god, or a god with a small g, or an angel, or pre-existent being of any kind.

My Jesus is different from all of them. He is not an incarnated being from heaven. He was born as real as anyone of us. He was hungry and cried and wet his diaper. He really died and rose from the dead and is now human-kind's only High Priest who can intercede with God to forgive our sins. My Jesus is very close to the Peace Churches' view of Jesus, but my Jesus is not the same as theirs for mine was a real man and never a hybrid-God/Man.

no wonder they removed him!