Tuesday, September 20, 2005

parks house

parks house, originally uploaded by freestone.

parks house
the new signboard for the Parks dept headquarters of Tallahassee, the old sign was blown down in one of those hurricanes. "Eagle eyes" will spot, on the seal, the slogun "in God we trus"! The last letter was left off! I was going to come here, not only to tell the people this fact, but to take more pictures. i ended up talking to the director for an hour and a half, not one more photo was taken; but we had a good talk. The sign, she says, came with a whole sentence missing, on the other side, and the signpainter had to take it back! Someone could say..."incompetent southern labor", but I would say..."maybe an older man with a 4th grade education,
growing up in a place and in a time where who you loved, and who loved you, your family, and the
Heart that you had, counted far FAR more than any facts or "three R's" that school taught you! This is why most "intellectuals" dislike the South, calling these people "incompetent rednecks", while these rednecks call the Northern Yankees, of the academia/urban types..."Abrasive obnoxious pushers", who tell everyone what to do, with NO feelings or heart or empathy or sympathy!

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