Wednesday, September 21, 2005

no time for games

I posted this post on a computer game forum for the Morrowind game.


hi all from freestone.

Tis been a while since i posted here, nor been a while since i even come here, and, ya know, i have YET to begin my new game!
300 mods all ready to Load, almost tested out.

That phrase by ??someone?? i have remembered, it struck me
as i read it.

"I have to leave modding and the forums due to a need to take care of my family"!

One would think that I, being single and 64 and living alone, would have lots and lots of time for games!

hardly a moment, i have!

I live in a Independant senior living center, where there are over 160
people. I find that there are SO many nights where i come back to my apartment after my community supper to find a message on my door.
"help me"!

last night was a lady who had computer problems but she *really* wanted to talk to me about her bing fired from her part time job as secretary at the Unitarian church! her boss, being gay, had a lover and the lover was jealous that his lover, her boss, might be bisexual! A triangle.
"Ann Landers" would have loved it, her tale of "inner fighting and bitterness" in a Church setting!
Then there is the guy who had 65 years of marrage and then she died and he now lives alone in their apartment with memories of her in every drawer and cupboard, here at georgia belle!
Then there are the five to six people with computers who do not even know how to "right click" the mouse and often they got their children's old computer as a cast off, why one guy has a gateway 2000 with 1.5 gigs of hard drive and 16 MEGS of ram! Glaciers move faster then his computer. I spent one evening getting AOL off of his system, for instance!

my own 2400 athlon takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to load up from when i turn on the surge protector to when i can move my character. I only often have 30 minutes to play before the sleepies come at 8 PM, and that 8 PM has been the Line of awareness for 30 years, anything afterwards is a Zombie!

what i have done is to "splurge" on a ps2, i have a playstation One already, the loadup time is only


Even now I have gotten into Diablo II/lord of destruction as that loads up fast fast.
then there is the emulator for the SNES, that takes mere seconds too, to load.
Too, the consoles do not have to contend with the "game of trying to get the durn game to actually work on my system"! even now, with my mods, i am only 60% sure that if i loaded them all up to play, i will find an error that NEEDS to be fixed and thus *that* hour is spent in Maintainence, not in playing the game: consoles play games right out of the cd case!

there is a slogun on the wall mural of the Tallahassee Homeless Shelter, which says...


I suspect that many modders *and* players have now left the forums and left even playing the Game, as Life now needs all of their attention and time. or WILL leave, in the future.

so i will not visit or post here much anymore...
I can sense that we each is part of everyone else, and there are lots and lots of "projects" where if one person does it, it takes an hour or two, but if another helps out, the job only takes five minutes.
"Emotional support" is another "job" too, for instance, at the senior center, often the Ambulance comes to treat someone or to take the person to the hospital. there is a death, here, about once per month, at georgia belle.

everyone just Knows that someday this ambulance will come for them some day!

Thus, everyone here *must* deny, a bit, the Grim reaper, or they could not go death is just around the corner for them all, and that they are constantly reminded of that Fact.
*You all* are Buffered from death, as most of you all, the readers of my post, are still Young! But I, we, are Steeped in death, many residents here talk of nothing else but of their sicknesses, and some people see their doctors several times per week, as they have so so so many problems, and at least two people take 20 pills, 20 meds each and every morning, for 20 conditions!

at the age of 70 or so, life *becomes* "maintainance", maintance is all that there is, takes all day to maintain ones'self.
So I find that I can help a bit, but i have to watch out for where to cut the line from a "needy" person.

Ah well, at least i have gotten to balmora on several occasions.
Til sometime.....