Saturday, September 24, 2005


...a reply to the mod forum at, the morrowind mod forums, i posted that I have very little time for me to play anymore, or to post much anymore....

You will be missed! Please drop by now and then, I always enjoyed reading your posts, they had given so much to us!


well i thank you all again.
[I now have another library hour!]
[phones cost the earth, for a disibility pension!]

Yes, i have enjoyed for several years now, the people on the Fourms.
the advice, for the most part, the Community of palyers who made, and make, morrowind to be more than just out of the box!
A living world, even.
I have now about 300 mods installed and i cannot handle much more of them. Takes my system about 15 to 20 minutes to load up, as i say.
I had "begun my new game " so much that one of my mods is that one used to disable the turorial helps, in the character creational part of the game!
Now, i can walk around at about 12 to 18 fps, probably until later, as all of the Scripts kick in, at, say, level 10 or 20, the save games get large and the gamescripts might make my game unplayable where i will walk around at 5 fps!
but here I sense my TRUTH, my own Seeings, about my game of morrowind!

It is a world to be in, to explore, a world to immerse myself in; never to finish, never maybe even to get beyond delivering that package to
?Cassius? there in balmora! "He" wants me to Explore, anyways, to find out things for the King,etc...etc....

but in a sense I am exploring the community of mod-makers. I am exploring the collective counsciousness of about 200 to 300 makers of mods. Mods made by people from all over the world, of all backgrounds.
yes, i probably will see errors as i play, even many yellow boxes here and there, i gave up keeping my Conflict detector error free long long ago!
For ME, the ash storms are already Gone, the hills are green where lava once flowed. the buildings are of better quality as the Visual pack XT is used.
There are merchants of every ilk, some with 500,000 gold. better be, as there are those several 100 level dungeons near seedya!
Full of junk to sell, they are!
children roam the streets and elders are in the villages and then i will wonder what my npcs will look like after of faces...better? faces? over-ride each other!

So I will treat my "game" as a "vacation resort", from playing those 20 second load up console games and snes emulators and even diablo II!

and...from helping those seniors!
as i say, many of them find the "right mouse click" to be as dense as "brain surgery"! not age that does this, so much, as a whole different way of thinkings, thinkings that only began in the early 60s.
I shudder to try to explain "cut and paste" to these people, as for them, surely, the document *IS* the content, one cannot copy it, into another type of font type, as the message is the contents, for them, in their way of thinkings!
That whole generation, born before 1947, or so, i find to be very very "literal" in their thinkings and imaginations, in fact, many do not imagine at all, and some are PROUD that they do never ever dream at night!
this is why that good "ole time fundamental religion' must still be here as that is the *only* way that they can expereince God, through a litteral Bible interpetation! and, of course..."Black and white thinkings"! Gotta be *this* OR *that*, and no shades of "middle ground"!

so I intend to take game title is...


and take tours of the richness of the game world... post often, at least, sometimes!