Saturday, September 17, 2005


hi all...[a post to a forum]

on the main prophecy homepage, is this person's long involved dreams series.

there is no way that i can contact her, or post a comment to this post, so i ask you all about this one!


she says
I see the more low lying areas of upstate New York being reclaimed by the Great Lakes, and a lot of the smaller lakes in that state growing in size.
I am originally from the finger lakes, in upstate ny!
I, off of the top of my head, wonder about what she says. the only way that i can imagine that her seeing would pass is that the land would rise in the st lauwrance river basin.

lake ontario is about 250 feet above sea level, and the lowest finger lake, and lake Onida too, is about 400 feet above sea level!

I once had a fantasy about the adaroundacks, the second fastest growing mountain range in the world, pushing up land over the area of montreal, canada to block the river.

this even makes me wonder if she picked up my fantasy?!

which means.....ponder ponder....
[IMMENSE IMPLICATIONS HERE, for prophicies in general, are ya ready?!!....]
that she, and maybe many many other prophetic people who dream and who get premonitions, and who get messages; get them from people's



fantasies of what *could* occur!

---people, from scientists to earthchange people, who "think out ahead of time" what a Yellowstone Eruption Could Do to America", why the images
are now part of our collective counsciosness, and maybe 80%
of the prophecies, of yellowstone erupting, in these forums, are from people's waking fantasies!
...and the same with all the others, from astroids to wwIII!!

In other words, millions of people fantacize what could happen, "if"
something happens, like of what could happen if a, say, a ten mile size astroid hits the center of the Atlantic ocean. Then this image material becomes the Property of mankind, collectively. then other people pick up on it, in *their* dreams.

an endless loop then begins: more and more people read these prophecies, thus feeding yet more images back into the collective uncounsciousness so that yet more people have dreams and visions!!

the Loop gets bigger and bigger! now even "non-psychics" begin to dream of floods, astroids, etc...

probably somewheres in this, is an original Planned Event, by Spirit, but by now, all of the "noise" of the millions of fantasy creations have overwritten the original images and replaced them with all of our collective fears, expressed in these images!

thus my own fantasy of the lake Ontario growing, could indeed have been picked up by this person.
I shudder to imagine that 99% of all of the other prophecies of the last 40 years have come from the Living, going about their daily lives, like of me, having Fantasy moments of thinking about the future, then the psychics
picking up on all of this!!