Wednesday, September 14, 2005

interpeting prophecies

---a post in a prophecies forum where I write a bit about interpeting
prophecies and visions.

that is the problem with prophecies, whether gotten through a oujiga
board, a vision, a dream, a channeling, or whatever; that one sees or is shown a scene, then when one awakes, or thinks about it, onplaces their own interpetation on the event and then makes this interpetation part of the vision and then is given out to others *as* this vision!!

I have, say, a vision of seeing a ruined street, all of the houses burned up, under a red-yellow sky.
Then i think that this is an end time vision.

weeks later, there is a factory fire, in a city nearby, and one block of buildings next to this factory catch fire. the burning factory colors the sky with smoke. but two blocks away, there is no damage.

another example:
[one of my own visions, one of my REAL visions from about 1996!]
I see a kid watching from a hill, after an earthquake strong enough to knck him to the ground, half an hour before, watching from that hill a group of firetrucks going down a street, in the town below him, going to put out a fire in one of the old brick buildings. A wall of muddy water
comes down this street, mabe 20 to 40 feet high, tossing these red trucks about like sticks and blocks!

a tidal wave!!

but i feel that this quake is from the new madrid fault, this quake could be in kentucky or missourri or Illinois, 500+ miles from any sea or great lakes!!

so maybe ithink: "astroid hitting the gulf", or something like that, where other Seerers have seen such occurring and the tidal wave goes up to the great lakes.

I only saw this wall of muddy water, in vivid detail, there is NO inference, in my vision as to how this water could do this, even the mississippi river is not wide enough to do this. Thus be easy for me to Infer, and for You, the reader, to agree with my inferences!

but all it would take to send a wall of water through a large town, an hour after the quake, is to have the DAM break, in a resivour that lies 15 miles upstream from this town that has that small river running through it that has this dam upstream! the crack in it, an hour later, erodes a bit until all of the 15 mile long lake pours out all at once.
might as WELL have a wave come from the gulf of mexico, as far as this town goes, as this whole valley will have a 20 to 40 foot tidal wave go down it for 100+ miles!

in southern illionois there are at least 7 to 8 dammed up resivoirs!

if i had a "snapshot", of seeing chinese in uniform, it could mean 1000 things, from "i go to visit china", to "i work in a hospital and a whole group of chinese nurses come to take a course in nursing at my hospital, and i see them each day for months!

one must only go with the original vision *AS* given, then one must think a bit out of the box as to all of the possibilities of what the picture could mean.

when i was in the air force, at the beginning of the four years, i have a dream where i saw images, like still photos, of scenes. i saw these scenes, as the four years went by. *that* tree, *this* house.

Sometimes i read in earnest, even a Seer who is of the Fundamentalist
church! if the vision is described, sometimes i can read it "as given". problem is....often, very very often, this prophecy gets very colored by the belief system! i shudder at all of the prophecies that i have seen over the Katrina/new orleans event. most of them have the Tone
of "ye have sinned and now ye all will pay *very* dearly, and you all deserve it"!
But I have to read even these prophecies sometimes as sometimes there is that Given vision.

I have the same problem with my own dreams, especially if they have psychic material in them! when i awake, i will add my own memories to the events and then add my own interpetation too.

so thus a science and an art to interpetations of prophecies.

take Nostradamus! there are a zillion books out, either translating his French, or interpeting the visions.
In one of the Big Quartrans, he mentions "the Holy man from the east
who has as his day of worship, Maunday.
Book after book afer book, gives Monday as his holy day.


I went to a french dictionary, and ordinary beginning french dictionary, to look up

"Maunday" is the french word for "Thursday"!!


that is the holy day for ALL of the eastern peoples, especially in India. even the Gurus who come here to the west and begin movements here, have their day as Thursday! even the gardejeif fourth way people do too!
maybe even the muslims do too, i do not know.

what gets me here, is that ALl of these book translators, of Nostradamus's
Quartrans, have passed this error on and on and on.....

I wonder what else has been corrupted in these translations?!