Friday, September 16, 2005

I took a walk today along several of my favorite tallahassee streets. i passed the Lakeview baptist Church and I noted that their sign read...

"Your heart determines your actions
and then your action determines your heart"!

The deepest and profoundest "occult" philosophy, on a conservative church sign, by the road, where they place the service times. This is why I shudder when "intelligent liberals" put down the christain church!

---this reminded me of a "famous" tallahassee character. Here was a man who was known for his running, he would run 10 to 50 miles a day, a Marathon runner. He always wore a costume too, usually Superman: he also owned a costume shop.
suddenly it was found that he had cancer, and he died within months!
People think that it was due to the fact that he did his running along the main
six lane streets, bumper to bumper traffic along the fast food row, for hours and hours every day, inhaling all that junk from the cars.

I feel "no"!
I feel that he was dead in his soul before this time, as when he had his business for a year or two and his business was not doing too good, so he did something that infered, to me, that his soul had died and his reincarnational oversoul pulled the plug as there was no more Life in him!

There was a giant "heritage" live oak in his front and only parking lot, a tree maybe 500 years old and was nearly 100 foot across.


now people could see his business!
---this is only my guess, but he was not punished *for* cutting down this tree, he had it where the tree cutting was only a symptom of a larger problem: his soul died years ago!

his heart now determines his action!