Wednesday, August 10, 2005

wii animal names for teams be next?

Posted on Wed, Aug. 10, 2005
the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper.

Will NCAA target animal mascots next?

OK, Tallahassee Gators, this from a University of Florida grad, an ancient Gator booster and former mayor and state representative of Gator Nation Gainesville. Get ready to join the fight!

If the NCAA is charging FSU, et al, as egregious for having the Seminoles as the institution's symbol, none of our respectful, campus-based, traditional symbols are safe.

What if the NCAA is successful in getting the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to join in so as to prevent animals from being used as university symbols? What if they decide that it's somehow abusive and disrespectful to use animals as symbols? Well, there goes our precious Gators moniker after all these years. Wake up, Rattlers, Bulls, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Gamecocks, Beavers, Buffalo, Lions and Tigers and Bears! If this issue of the Seminoles somehow being disrespectful of the actual Indian citizens is not countered, then silliness, not clear thinking, prevails.

FSU President T.K. Wetherell and the other university presidents have enough to do without taking the time, energy and expense of chasing NCAA moonbeams.




---amazing! I think that he is right! He does not mention PETA, and the others, for each anti-Indian name person, there must be thousands of animal rights people.

what can we name our teams?
How about NUMBERS?!
"today the FSU 528's will play the Miami 94's"!

why stop at teams?
How about the Mississippi river and Tallahassee and Seneca lake?
Indian names, all.....

Numbers for cities too!

Problem is......
Anything that one says, will offend someone deeply, somewheres!

Soon, anyone with a Talant, will offend people without that talant, so that anyone who stands out in one area of their lives; they will have to have a "handicap penalty" given to them, so to make them "normal" so that they will not offend the people without this talant!
Dancers will have to wear weights while dancing.
Baseball pitchers will have to wear thick colored glasses so that they will not be able to see as well, to make them see as well as "everyone can"!

someone has Beat me To it: Kurt Vonnegut!
Feb 18, 2004 / vol 10 iss 28
Out of left field
Dance company makes an unlikely move
by Cecil Bothwell

reminds me of Harrison Bergeron, the protagonist in Kurt Vonnegut's classic short story of the same name.

Bergeron is an athlete and a dancer in a future world where equality is absolutely enforced by a Handicapper General. Smart folks are dumbed down with sonic implants that prevent sequential thought, handsome people are hideously masked, and the talented and agile are burdened with weights to assure that they will leap no higher and pirouette no more beautifully than do the dull and clumsy.

Grey Mush will not Offend!