Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Walking down to the gazebo's shade.

Walking down to the gazebo's shade.
This is the same gazebo, in the Park Avenue park(s) next to the public library, shown in my other pictures here.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 6 Aug '05, 8.56pm EDT. [my friend Eric, who bought a camera about the same time that i did]

the main tallahassee park.
Note the clarity of the air! this is Tropical air, right off of the ocean, like of those shots of south sea islands, where the air is utterly clear. In the North of the united states, in the summertime, the air is often so polluted-hazy that the sky is a dim yellow, and only the dim sun can be seen, even the clouds are hidden by the haze. This is why the northen summer air is so "sticky" even at 85 degrees!
I actually feel "comfortable" at 90 degrees here in tallahassee! Probably 90 degrees when he took the photos! 88 to 96 on any summer day, here!