Thursday, August 18, 2005

sitting in the Swingseat

sitting in the Swingseat, originally uploaded by freestone.

sitting in the Swingseat
Oh how "midwestern", sitting in the swinging bench on a hot summer evening. This seat is located in the garden behind Georbia belle senior Home. I see people here a lot, notice the worn grass.
far better than a rocking chair!
Indeed that rocking motion induces the meditational mind, to reflect upon the Days Work Done, or the life's work too.
I can well imagine this sitting under a tree in the backyard of an Ohio farmhouse, or a Nebraska home, or even a upstate new york dairy farm home.
Create your own breeze, the lazy summer time. Too too bad that only the elderly have the Time for this anymore! Even kids, in many cities, have school year around, or play those "sports" that consume every single moment with *Organization-by-adults*!

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