Saturday, August 06, 2005


sign, originally uploaded by freestone.

this is the sign for that plantation house that is the headquarters for the city of tallahassee parks dept.
today, just now, on August 6th, I walked by the sign. it was gone. only the post remains.
I think that it was there when i took the photos, the other day.
Omenious! Last night was a Friday, the friday on the last day of exams, for FSU and TCC!
paaaaaaarty night!!

I fear that someone wanted a souvenier
to take home with thm!

reminds me:
--when I lived with my sister for a year near Asheville, north carolina, in the mountains, she once told me of the next door neighbors, the Waltons.
they had a sign "THE WALTONS" right next to their mailbox, next to the road. She told me that for the last year that she lived there, since 1980, this sign would "dissapear" about once per week or so. Mr Walton was patient and he was a carpenter and so he quickly made another, to post along this tourist road.
At this time, 1980, or so, that TV program, "The Waltons" was very very popular. I had heard that people would come home early from their Sunday trips just to watch it ever 7pm
sunday night, nearly a secular church evening service, for these people.
The "wholesomeness" of this program, would indeed be *like* a church service. Recite the boy or girl scout Oath: Honesty, Integrity, lovingness, goodness...etc...etc...that is what the Waltons were like.

I cannot imagine, sports fans, the Thinking of people who steal a sign that "means" the above Qualities!
[but i read that the Bible is the all time stolen book!]
Here a person steals some sign that "means" something real Good, like of this plantation sign or of the Waltons. does not the Contradiction
bother them when they steal it?!
Be like you won the contest for the most writing of Integrity and Wisdom, but you Plagerized and Fudged all of it!
worse: if their fortune and "luck"
right then go bad, for years and years, will they make the Connection?!
probably not. They have Compromised their Soul, by making this theft, steling something that means "honesty"!
Thus I wonder if "The Thing will turn on them"?
If "goodness" now Equals "negativity",
then any future Real good thing that comes their way will also equal negativity, thus this incoming goodness will also bring in something negative to their lives.

this is not the "curse of God" for doing sinning, it is just a spiritual law in operation.

if X = Y
where x is goodness and y is bad stuff, then anytime that this person reaches out for another X, then he/she gets a Y instead!

the only way Out, is to only have
X = X
where your own goodness is equal to the goodness that you want to take in for yourself.

no one seems to be thinking this through, much, these days!


"never wear a hat that has more character than you have"...anon!