Saturday, August 06, 2005

plantation house

plantation house, originally uploaded by freestone.

the plantation house, in Tallahassee, that is of the headquarters of the city parks dept.
This huge old mansion is the plantation house, for a huge plantation plot of land, in the 1840s...80s. Tis only about three blocks from downtown! but in 1850, this house was way way out in the country! Now the only land left, around it, is the two acres.

There is a small picket fence around the whole yard.
Reminds me of the book, TALLAHASSEE LADY, a novel about a writer from the New York Times, in the 1880s, who came from new York to cover the Capital news.
[tallahassee always was the capital of Florida] On the way from the train station he saw from his coach taxi a woman puttering in the garden of her father's plantation house, behind a picket fence. they fell in love. His cold Northern soul was Opened to beauty, to love, to goodness. Alas, she was betrothed to another man, another Plantation owner: he had to go back to new york without her, but he knew that she could not survive there anyways.
but his souls *was* opened, now, for good, for the rest of his life. He could now enjoy beauty and good things, thusly.
---this book was written by a new York Times reporter who came here in the 1800s, to cover the news of the capitial politics! His soul, too, might have been opened by the presence of all the beauty of Tallahassee: no mention whether he fell in love with someone, however!
I like to think that this plantation was the One that he rode by!

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