Friday, August 12, 2005

the ole piano at Georgia Belle

the ole piano at Georgia Belle, originally uploaded by freestone.

the ole piano at Georgia Belle
In the dining room of Georgia Belle independent living facilities, is this old piano. I just now ate my supper there, in this room. Yes the piano is used, used for the church services several times per week and on Sunday. Often someone will come down and play it. There are 161 people living here, all over 62 years of age. One of the nicest such places around, all agree.
I will have to look, myself, to see what hymn that is, that is now on the stand. I know that it is a hymn. Might be too far away to see it.

Yes, the "ole" piano. Not very old, actually, but the Tone that I get from this scene is a tone of "old times memories from where one came from, the 1930s...50s..." One plays, and listens, to remember, to recall the old days of the Midwestern farm church socials, or the home piano in Mother's home, in central Georgia, in the 1920s.

Recall. Now the body is old and weak, but the memories of the good old days remain. Often that is all that is left, as one's spouse is now deceased, and one lives in a small apartment in a Senior Living Facility. The Ambulance comes several times a week, for someone, here, of the 161 residents
of Georgia Belle. Everyone just Knows, that eventually this ambulance will Come For Them!

the very photo comes out a bit "hazy" as if the memories are dim, only the Good is recalled, after all, if this day was "1920", there is no "modern medicine", and probably 80% of these residents would either be in a nursing end-state-home, or dead!

So this piano really, to me, symbolizes the "playing to remember" the past, as well as Jesus's Promise of eternal life after death, a death that looms so close in time, there is no way one here
can escape their View of that Tombstone, as it sits just ahead of them, on their Path of life

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