Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I watch a city slowly die!

yes, i watch on the news how a city slowly is dying.

there will be no "magic quickfix" for this one!


if the whole city floods up to the levy tops, i wonder if it would be best to just abandon it all!

be a refugee camp for 500,000 for a year, maybe they ought to all move to those people-starved towns in the Dakotas where a house can be bought for
$50,000 and the taxes on that house is $50 per year!

i read that many of these twons have it where the average age, there, is 85 to 90 years old! only old old farmers left!
Some towns ask for people to move there with giving them a free house!

but a cannot sing very well, and funeral dirges are not my talant, so that i just walk away with my hat in my hand and think sober thoughts